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  • Inside Roku's Newest Streaming Devices
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Roku has three new devices hitting markets today. All three of these streaming devices are affordable and offer great features. Here's a closer look.

The Roku LT

The Roku LT device includes:

Built-in WiFi
720p HD Video
HDMI and video outputs

Price: $49.99

The Roku 1

1080p HD video
Built-in WiFi
HDMI and video outputs

Price: $59.99

The Roku 2

1080p HD video
Wi-Fi remote and headphone jack
Dual-band WiFi

Price: $79.99

Additional Details

As you can see from the above specs and pricing, all three of the new Roku devices are incredibly affordable. Roku purpose created devices that were not in the "crazy expensive" range in order to provide users with great video streaming options that don't break the bank. Well done, Roku, well done.

It's also worth noting that the Wi-Fi remote that comes with the Roku 2 can work no matter where your device is. You can place your Roku 2 behind doors, and you can still use the remote to access the device - a really popular feature that's sure to sell well. Roku is also working on a feature called DIAL Standard that's worth a look.

DIAL Standard Explained

With Roku's DIAL Standard, users will soon be able to send videos from phones directly to a Roku streaming device. The Roku app is available via iOS and Android, and the DIAL Standard feature will launch later this season. In short, it's going to be a lot simpler to send video files to your Roku player using the DIAL Standard app - another useful feature.

What do you get when you use a Roku device? Roku devices scan a number of different channels to bring you the movie or show that you want to watch. With the company's new UI, searching for a show or actor is now simpler than every too.

All you have to do is plug in the name of a movie, show, or actor that you want to view, and the player will sort through Amazon, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other channels like Blockbuster On Demand (yep, Blockbuster). So, you get selections from a number of different sources and not just one source.

Channel Selection Grows

Roku now offers users more than 1,000 different channels to select from. Roku's lineup includes most popular channels and options including the Technicolor and DreamWorks collaborative channel effort that is M-Go.

How It Stacks Up

What you really want to know is how a cheaper streaming device like any of Roku's options stacks up to, say, Apple TV, right? Well, the answer is that Roku is quickly gaining traction in the content world, and that means that Roku is bound to catch up to Apple TV soon.

It's still tough to compete against the iTunes selections, but you may find some stuff using a Roku streaming that you can't find on iTunes (which seems to be very selective regarding content lately). You'll be able to get your hands on a Roku streaming device this fall, and (in this reviewer's opinion) these devices are worth the low price.