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  • Is Samsung's New Laptop Better Than Apple's or Google's?
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It's all about pixel density these days, it seems. The Chromebook and the Retina MacBook Pro started the trend, but Samsung might just perfect it. This week, Samsung will be announcing a 13.3-inch QHD 3200 x 1800 panel with 276 pixels-per-inch laptop. That's kind of hard to beat, and it already blows Apple and Google out of the water.

In addition to better pixelation, the new Samsung laptop will also come with larger power savings. Samsung has reported that the new laptop will save 30% more power than other offerings. A laptop that comes with significant power savings and better pixelation? How could it get any better?

Too Close for Comfort?

Even though Samsung is about to release the laptop to end them all, not all consumers are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Why? A high resolution on a 13-inch screen might be too much for some. The new Samsung laptop will be ridiculously sharp, and that could mean a bit of eye strain for some people. After all, this is a 13-inch screen, and it's also a very high resolution.

On the flip side, this new laptop will be one of the sharpest on the market. Samsung's newest device will provide gamers with great views while also providing everyday laptop users with a screen that's hard to beat. Samsung has sunk a lot of time into the resolution of this laptop, but what about the rest of the device?

Thin and Sleek

Samsung might be sacrificing some performance standards in order to keep this laptop as thin as possible. It's hard to guess exactly what this laptop will consists of, but it's clear that competitor companies are watching what Samsung is doing closely. On this particular project, Samsung has partnered with Sharp to create this highly pixelated laptop. The end result is sure to blow some socks off.

Some reviewers are accusing Samsung of creating this laptop just to show that the company can keep up with the likes of Google and Apple. But, it's hard to ignore the natural technology progression here. Samsung is picking up where Google and Apple left off. That's what's happening, and it's great for technology as a whole. How much will this laptop cost and when will it debut?

Details and Availability

The newest member of the Samsung laptop family should be hitting market shelves soon. There's no word yet as to how much the new 13-inch laptop will cost. But, you can expect prices to be comparable to what Google and Apple are offering - unless Samsung decides to completely undercut the competition and offer the new laptop at a very low price.

Should you jump on the high pixelation bandwagon? There are plenty of reasons to check out the new laptops that boast amazing displays. If for no other reason, it's worth taking a peek just to see what you've been missing. Or, what you will miss if you decide that a better screen isn't really necessary. Technology progresses, and Samsung has now taken the lead.