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  • Sharp's Newest TV

When it comes to the 60-inches and over category, Sharp corners the TV market. Sharp offers great televisions, excellent big-screen viewing, and price points that most can feel good about. Sharp's latest model, the LC-70LE650, is a step-up form its predecessor. This TV boasts better blacks, a sleeker design, and better overall sound quality.

Details, Details, Details

The newest Sharp TV comes with a smaller overall case. In order to create a smaller casing, Sharp has tightened up the edges of this TV and worked on the TV's silhouette. You won't notice too much of a difference design-wise, but it is all in the details with this TV. Not only has Sharp worked on the design of this model, but the newest TV in Sharp's lineup also comes with some additional built-in features that are a welcomed improvement.

Newest Features Are A Step Up

The biggest improvement you'll see takes place within the Smart TV options. Smart TV now includes options for Hulu Plus and Skype. This version of Smart TV is also easier to navigate with bigger icons and better options. I'd love to tell you that the latest Sharp TV doesn't come with any real drawbacks, but that's never the case with any device.


The biggest drawback here is the design of the TV. It's not that the design isn't sleek, it is, but in order to cut some of the casing bulk, Sharp has compromised a bit of sound quality. Now, sound quality doesn't matter too much if you plan to purchase a sound bar or audio system to go along with your new Sharp TV. But, it does matter, slightly, if you are going to rely on TV sound alone. Aside from the slight sound shift, this TV is a great option.

Pricing and Availability

Most TVs that are comparable to this one retail for around $1500. Sharp's latest TV option comes in at $1,821.99, making it almost $2000. For just under that $2000 mark, though, you will be getting one of the better televisions on the current market, and it's hard to beat the price of this TV when comparing TVs that are roughly the same size.

Sharp has some of the better larger TVs on the current market, and the company's main competitor is Vizio. As Sharp and Vizio have discovered, most consumers prefer to buy a large TV with lots of features, and that's precisely the market that Sharp is going after here. If you don't need a massive TV (and you don't care about features like Smart TV), there are some lower-priced options available.

The Wrap Up

If you are going to purchase a large TV and want something sleek, Sharp's newest TV is a good choice. This is some slight sound compromise here, but it's nothing a separate sound bar or sound system can't fix. Also, for the most part, the sound difference isn't something that should be a deal breaker. For under that $2000 mark, the Sharp LC-70LE650 is worth a look.