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  • Skype Gets A Facelift
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Microsoft is rounding up all of its properties. This includes the much-used Skype. Skype is in the midst of being integrated with other Microsoft programs, specifically with Windows Live ID. Shortly, Skype users will be able to log into Skype using a Windows Live ID. This might not seem like a large change, but Skype has already gone through some significant changes not too long ago. The new Windows Live ID integration will happen when Skype 5.11 goes live. If you use Skype daily, here’s what you can expect.

Further Facebook Integration

As an avid Skype user, I find the recent Skype Facebook integration slightly annoying. Without realizing it, it’s very easy to sign into both Skype and Facebook simultaneously. This is fine if you want to chat with the 100 people on your Facebook chat list. But, if you just use Skype for work, it can be very hard to get rid of those old acquaintances who see that you are signed into your Facebook chat account – from the Facebook side of things, it’s hard to tell the difference. That said, Microsoft has hear consumer complaints about the recent Facebook integration, and the company has pledge to make the transition smoother with the newest version of Skype.

Skype 5.11 will include “better” Facebook integration. What this means is that Skype users will soon have the choice to link a Facebook account to a Skype account. If you make this decision – and I urge you to really consider this decision – your Skype contacts and Facebook contacts will become one. It will, in other words, be hard to tell who’s on Facebook and who’s on Skype. But, when you log into Skype you will automatically be logged into your Facebook chat too.

Additional Windows Live Integration

In very much the same manner that you will soon be able to merge Facebook and Skype, Windows Live users will be able to merge the messaging system with Skype too. Allowing Skype to connect with Windows Live will mean a combined user list too. You can also choose to connect Windows Live with Facebook and Skype, so you will have a massive user list. For those who use Skype as a business tool, I’m not convinced that such integrations will be beneficial, but they will be an option all the same.

Skype’s New Interface

In addition to all kinds of social integration, the new Skype will have a new look. Microsoft has stated that the updated version of Skype comes with a simpler interface that’s less cluttered and more logical. This is a positive thing, since the current version of Skype can be confusing to navigate at times. Microsoft calls this a “flattened” look. The newest Skype update is current available for both PC and Mac in beta form right now. If you feel like testing out the new look, go ahead and download the beta version. Or, you could wait and see just how well Microsoft has planned out the new interface and integration. Either way, Skype as you know it is about to change.