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The highly anticipated app, Humin, has finally launched for iOS (Android is in the works). The app delivers on everything it promises, and that’s a lot! In case you missed the original hype, here’s what Humin has to offer – and how it will clean up your contact list.

What Humin Does

Humin does a lot of things, but its purpose is really quite simple. This app provides you with an easy way to remember who someone is. How can it do this? Here’s a good example: lets say that you just bumped into someone on the street, and that person is overjoyed to see you. Only, you can’t remember how you met that person, or anything about them. While they turn the other way, you use your Humin app to see how you met.

Details about how you met someone can be added to your contact list using that person’s name, their social networks, your social networks, their phone number and other contact details, and the location where you both first met. All of these things can be added to your Humin app as soon as you meet a new person. This way, you can quickly call up all of those added details if you meet that person again. See how useful this app is?

Using the Actual App

Not surprisingly, Humin is really simple to use. The company has been beta testing the app for a few months now, so it’s not a complete shock that it’s pretty seamless. Downloading the app is easy, and you just allow the app to connect with your contacts for usage. Once that’s done, the app will start figuring out whom you know, and adding details to your contact list like the people that other people know, how you met (if you add it later), and other things.

Basically, Humin is your contact list streamlined. It’s how your contact list should have been arranged ages ago, but never was. If you live in the United States, you can tap into Humin now. Sadly, this app is not available in Canada yet. Why? Who knows, but it’s not. You can put your contact details on the Humin mailing list, though, and be notified when the app does show up in Canada.

A Stellar Idea

It’s kind of hard to understand why Humin wasn’t created before this launch date. Combing through contact lists not to find any real information isn’t helpful at all, but Humin sets out to change all of that. If you are an avid networker, make sure to download and use this app regularly, so that you can really connect with people you meet on a personal level.

The company has told press that an Android app will be coming out soon, and that the Android version of Humin will be even better – however that’s possible, I’m not entirely sure, but that’s the news on the tech street. If you have used Humin, let me know how it is – if not, would you use this app?