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  • Sony Has a New E-Reader (Take A Look)
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E-reader competition is tough. If a device doesn’t have the word “Kindle” or “Nook” attached, most people don’t give it a second glance. But you should give the new Sony E-reader a look or two. Sony has just re-designed its E-reader line. The result is the Sony PRS-T2. This reader is super light (just six ounces!), comes in some great colors, and has some very cool syncing features. The only thing that might hold Sony back this time around is the price tag.

Sony’s High Prices

For some reason, Sony keeps pricing its devices on the high side. Pricing alone has driven a number of consumers to skip over the original PRS-T1. Many still won’t like the $129 price tag attached to the PRS-T2. Clearly, Sony believes that its E-readers are worth that high price. Unforatuntely, Sony’s previous e-reader sales have not reflected the company’s high price philosophy. But, is the PRS-T2 really worth more than $100? Well, it all depends on how much you love Evernote.

The Evernote Connection

Sony has done something smart this time around. The company has decided to team up with Evernote in order to provide PRS-T2 users with an E-reader that can sync with the Evernote app. The premise here is simple enough. If you make a note using Evernote, that note will appear on your new reader. If you highlight something with your reader, the passage that you’ve highlighted will show up on Evernote. You can also share what you’re currently reading with your Facebook friends. Clearly, Sony has put a lot of thought into this syncing content. The company’s development team has also put some effort into the re-design of the new reader.

Icons Moved and Cleaned Up

The PRS-T1 included small icons on the bottom of the reader that were situated above corresponding buttons. The PRS-T2 comes with just icons. If you press on an icon, the appropriate reaction will result. This new design adjustment makes a good deal of sense, and it’s something that users will really appreciate. Everything that Sony has done with the PRS-T2 is well worth a look. Now, if Sony would lower that price tag, the company may just sell a few of these readers. Then again, new Kindles and Nooks are bound to be hitting North American markets soon, so it will be interesting to see how Sony’s reader stacks up.

If you’re wondering where to buy books for Sony’s PRS-T2, the answer is simple enough. Sony e-books can be purchased from the Sony Store and from ePub. Most books that you’ll want to read can be found in either of these two spots. Pricing per book really depends on what you purchase, but you can take a look around the Sony Store in order to get some idea of what you’ll pay per book. In the end, as far as current e-readers go, the new Sony PRS-T2 is sure to appease Evernote fans, Sony fans, and those looking for an e-reader that’s as light as air.