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  • Unique Sony TV Coming Soon
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The Wall Street Journal (in interview form) recently reported that Sony is set to launch a different kind of television. The details of this TV are rather vague, but Howard Stringer (Sony CEO) did tell press that Sony is now ready to compete with Apple.

This news is big news, since Sony has found much success within the television world. Even though there are plenty of Sony TVs on the current market (and Sony has been a trusted brand for a long time now), consumers today do their homework.

Researching what the best TVs on the current market are will bring most consumers to other companies that are in direct competition with Sony. Seemingly, Sony hasn’t gotten its act together on the TV front, but all of this may change in the near future. The new Sony TV may combine a number of different devices into one, which would be a an innovative and refreshing idea.

Sony TV Possibilities

The popular tech blog Mashable recently reported that the new Sony TV may combine the smartphone, PC, tablet, and TV. How this will be done or what the console/device might look like is unknown. Sony has long been attempting to compete with Apple, and all signs point to the fact that Sony may just be ready to do so.

What will the new Sony TV look like? Stringer wasn’t providing many details. It is clear though that consumers should keep an eye out for Sony’s television offerings. While Sony’s new TV isn’t likely to surface prior to the holiday season, this revolutionary television set may rear its head relatively soon.

Apple’s New Lineup

Prior to the death of Steve Jobs, there were rumours that Jobs was working on a new television set. Some speculated that the Siri program would be the backbone of these new TVs. If this were the case, the remote control would no longer be necessary, since users could simply speak to Siri in order to change channels and control television functions.

After the death of Steve Jobs, news about Apple’s new TV largely faded. However, during the aforementioned interview with the Wall Street Journal, Stringer did mention the rumoured Apple TV stating the he was certain such a television was still in the works.

One can deduct then that Sony is in a race against time with Apple to create the next generation of televisions. What these TVs will look like is anyone’s guess, but it’s relatively safe to assume that the new TVs lining store shelves will not come with standard remote controls. Further, these TVs may connect to numerous devices all at once.

What You’ll See

So, when will the public see a new Apple or Sony TV? Your guess is as good as mine, though you can be sure that both companies are currently racing to produce the next best thing. The difference may be that Apple will take more time perfecting the ideal TV while Sony seems to simply be racing to the finish line.