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  • Spotify's New Discovery Feature
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Spotify currently has more than 24 million users. The streaming music service is great when you want to listen to a track or find a specific song or album. But, Spotify never really did anything to help users find new songs or groups to listen to. Finally, Spotify has created a music discovery service called 'Discover' that will help you find new tunes. Here's how it works.

Spotify's New Discover Feature

Just as the feature sounds, Discover will suggest albums and songs for current Spotify users to listen to. Using your current playlists, the friends that you follow (and their playlists), and a whole bunch of other criteria, Spotify will suggest music that you might like. A few original additions include upcoming concert suggestions from a service called 'Songkick' and album reviews from a service called 'Pitchfork.'

Spotify will also be using some information gathered by 'Tunigo,' which is a music service that the company has just purchased. The new recommendations will show up on your home screen when you log into your Spotify account. You will see an album cover or song with a 'recommended for you' tag.

When You Can Use Discover

Most Spotify users will be able to check out the new Discover feature today. The feature will be available through Spotify's web app. Spotify has also created an additional new feature called 'Audio Previews.' This feature will play a small audio clip from a song or album that you might be interested in learning more about.

For example: if you see a Spotify recommendation for a particular song, you can click on the Audio Preview 'Play' button to hear an excerpt from that song. The current song that you are listening to will fade out while the preview fades in briefly. With this feature, you can decide whether a recommended song or album is for you.

Still Lagging In the Mobile App Department

Spotify has come under some criticism from mobile app users. The company's mobile apps still need some serious development, but there's no word today whether or not perfecting the mobile Spotify apps is in the cards. However, you can expect the 'Discover' and 'Audio Preview' features to get better with time. As it stands, these two features seem to be well developed, and I am enjoying both immensely.

The ability to discover music though Spotify was certainly a sore spot for the company. Now that the feature has finally been added, more people might join Spotify. In case you're not familiar with the service, Spotify is free to use on one device. If you want your Spotify song list to be available across many device, you will have to pay the Premium price.

Still Not Available In...

Sadly, Spotify is still not available in Canada. If you are located in Canada, you won't be able to check out what millions of people love. Spotify hasn't made any announcements regarding the move into Canada, but lots of Canadians are waiting for the service to arrive. Aside from this fact, Spotify is worth checking out.