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  • Square Gets Even Better
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Square is one of the best gadgets on the market right now. It’s such an interesting, helpful, and innovative gadget that it boggles the mind why more people aren’t using Square. Other than the fact that Square is not available in all countries, there’s very little reason not to jump on the Square bandwagon. That said, Square just got (it didn’t seem possible) even better.

Prior to the updates, in order to make a payment using Square, customers had to slide a credit or debit card through the Square device, which is usually attached to an iPad. Now, Square has made it possible for repeat and loyal customers to walk into a store, buy an item, and leave. If you’re wondering what has happened to the paying part of this equation, it all comes down to your smartphone or other device.

Card Case iOS App

The makers of Square created an iOS app called Card Case a month or so ago. When this app has been downloaded, users can add virtual store cards to their case. These cards come in the form of store fidelity cards (like a Starbucks gift card). The point is to add virtual cards from vendors who currently use Square. Once added, vendors who want to offer clients discounts or coupons can do so through the Card Case app.

One recent addition to this app is the ability for Card Case users to upload a name to a card. Once a name has been uploaded, a merchant can allow a frequent shopper to pay for items using a fidelity card -- a sort of virtual tab. Merchants collect payments using card numbers and clients no longer have to pull out a physical form of payment in order to obtain an item. As great as Card Case already is, Square has added an even more impressive feature to this app.

Square Now Comes with Geofencing

Geofencing is a term that mostly associated with the GPS tracking world. When setting up a geofence for a GPS tracker, any person who walks inside a virtual fence or exits that fence will be detected by the GPS tracker owner. Square is using this same principle to offer loyal clients a quick and painless way to pay for any item.

Merchants can now set up a geofence for loyal and consistent clients. If, for example, you visit the same small coffee shop every morning and the owner of this shop knows your name, that owner may decide to set up a Square geofence for you. Using your photograph and some other basic details, this geofence can be easily set up (with your permission).

As soon as you walk into the geofence area, a merchant will know that you are around, and this will give that merchant ample time to activate your Card Case membership.

By confirming your photograph (identity), you will be able to purchase any item and walk out of the store without lifting a finger. As soon as the item you have purchased has been entered into a merchant’s iPad, you will be sent a virtual receipt for the transaction.

The only thing you have to do when you walk into a store that has set up Square geofencing is state your name. The rest is as simple as pointing to the item that you want and walking away without taking out your wallet.

This, it’s simple to say, is the wave of the future – with Square, it’s a bright one. Merchants: if you don’t have Square right now, take the time to sign up for the service. Square should be everywhere.