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  • Microsoft's Pro 3 Is Just An Upgrade
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

It has been said that tablets have completely replaced laptops. But, that’s not exactly true. As any of us that carry both a tablet and laptop know, tablets are great for entertainment purposes but aren’t actually ideal when it comes to, you know, doing anything. If you want to edit a video or images, you’ll need your laptop. If you want to watch a movie, your tablet will do. The hole between the two meant lugging a lot of stuff at once. Microsoft aims to fill that gap with the new Surface Pro 3.

Inside the Surface Pro 3

As part of the company’s unveiling yesterday, Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 3 will work just as well (better, even) as your laptop when it comes to editing, playing with images, or any other hard work. It also aims to be a handy tablet that can do everything your tablet can do. This tablet is the thinnest in the Core-i Series, and it boasts a 12-inch screen. So, right off the bat, this tablet is thinner with a larger screen than previous versions.

You’ll also get:

A mini display port
USB 3.0 port
Stereo speakers (Dolby Audio-enhanced)
SSD storage (64GB and 512GB)
5-megapixel and 1080p HD front and rear cameras
8GB or 4GB of memory
TPM 2.0 (enterprise-level security)
802.11ac or 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi

That’s a decent amount of stuff to pack into a tablet, and it’s also a tablet that’s both cool and quiet. If you care about the angle of the screen, Microsoft has also included a kickstand that can adjust to almost any angle making this tablet easier on the eyes when it comes to viewing most things. There’s something else too: a Bluetooth pen.

It’s a Pen, Not a Stylus

Microsoft doesn’t want you to refer to this pen as a Stylus, so just don’t, okay? Instead, the Microsoft Bluetooth pen can work with the tablet, and it’s available as an extra addition to the overall setup. Why would you want a pen? For taking notes or drawing, I suppose. A pen is a nice addition if you want to buy it, though, and this pen does look better than most.

The Cover Is Sold Separately

Microsoft really gets Pro users on the cover and keypad, which is still sold separately. There’s also a docking station available (sold separately, of course) that retails for $200. So, what’s the overall verdict with Microsoft’s new Surface Pro? Is it really the thing you’ve been waiting for to bridge the gap between your laptop and tablet?

Really, this Surface Pro is just an upgrade from the last one – a slimmer, lighter, bigger upgrade, but an upgrade the same. If you’ve been waiting for an upgrade, check it out. If not, you’ll still need your laptop to get most things done (other than taking notes – you can do that if you purchase the pen).

How do you feel about this new Pro? Has Microsoft done something amazing here?