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  • What the New Twitter Music Might Look Like
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A few days ago, it was discovered that Twitter had finally set up a Twitter Music landing page. But, that's al that was discovered. Nothing happened when clicking around the landing page, and Twitter hasn't made any real official announcement yet. Today, some clever coders have been playing around with Twitter to come up with more information. Here is what has been gathered about the new music service so far.

Tracks From All Around

With the new Twitter Music, users should be able to gather tracks from Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Rdio. YouTube and Vero integration should also be part of the mix. Additionally, there will be both a web-based and downloadable Twitter Music app. Not surprisingly, Twitter will also make it possible to purchase music through the music site, and users can then share that music via Twitter -- a clever way for the site to make some money off of this venture.

Some blog are reporting that Twitter may even offer up musician bios. You might be able to discover new musicians through Twitter Music in the near future. These bios would come from Twitter profiles, and it would be easy to connect a profile with a song or an album. All of this adds up to some great amounts of cash for Twitter.

Twitter Will Grow Enormously

More likely than not, you are bound to purchase a track that someone else has tweeted and you are listening to. This will be made so very simple with the addition of a "buy" button. A button that I'm guessing will be too tempting not to click. In turn, this will generate some major revenue for Twitter.

Twitter has been wanting to get into the music business for some time now. It has taken awhile for the social network to tap into the Twitter music zone, but now that the service is here (kind of), it looks exciting and promising. Unlike a site like MySpace that's starting with music from scratch, Twitter already has a massive following. So, adding some quick music features to this massive following will likely turn into profits for the company. When will the service officially debut?

When This Service Will Go Live

Some speculate that Twitter will release its new music service in the next week or two. Others believe that it will be more like a month or two. Right now, the company is waiting to see how beta tests go. If those go according to plan, the company will release the new music service to the rest of the Twitter world within the very near future.

Being able to listen to tracks and buy music directly from Twitter will be something that a lot of people are going to love. It's tough to purchase music now, and finding new music is even harder. Twitter is about to make this whole process a lot easier. If you have a Twitter account, stay tuned for official word from the social network. No Twitter account? You might want to sign up for one soon.