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  • Vine: What's the Fuss All About?
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Five days ago, the Vine app was made available to Android users everywhere. Suddenly, the app grew and grew and grew to surpass Instagram. Android users like Vine, and Vine likes Android users. It's a match made in heaven. Why all the fuss? What's so great about Vine? If you haven't had a chance to play around with the app yet, here's what you may be missing.

Why Use Vine?

Vine isn't another Instagram. Vine is something unique that lets people create. Essentially, Vine is a social network that allows people to take six second videos. People like videos. Why? It's fun to take a six second video of food that you're about to eat, an event that you're about to attend, or something else that you are working on. Like any other social network, people can follow you on Vine and view your video madness.

Vine is also easy to use. Simply tap your smartphone screen to start and stop recording. The whole thing takes just a few moments to use, and you wind up with a fun animation that all of your friends can enjoy. Vine isn't for everyone, but it is exactly what Android users want, it seems.

Vine Lets You Show Off

The connected world is addicted to showing off. Whether its posting every little detail of your seemingly perfect life on Facebook or showing your friends everything that you do on Instagram, we like to show off. This is an addiction that Twitter (the owners of Vine) have cashed in on.

What better way to show off than to take a six second video of yourself in all your glory? If you really love to show the world that you are amazing, Vine is your drug. Plus, Vine is free, available to both iOS and Android users, and so simple to use that anyone can get into the Vine habit.

Vine can also be used for news stories. If you really an to show people something that's happening, there's no better way to do so than to post a Vine video. You can't share Vine videos on Facebook, though, so you'll have to set up a Twitter account. The first video to explode on Vine was, in fact, a news video of a dolphin stuck in a harbor - the video got thousands of hits.

Will You Use Vine?

If you have Android, you can check out Vine now - you can also use it with iOS, of course. Will you get in on the Vine craze? Or, do you not see the point in shooting six second videos? It seems as though Instagram users are flocking to Vine, but this trend may taper off. After all, most apps that are new and popular tend to peak weeks after being released, so Vine demand may slow down.

For now, though, Vine continues to grow. The app has already passed Instagram as far as users go, and there are plenty of six second videos for you to see (or create!).