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Just as you were getting used to .com, .org, and .net, Icann (the organization that handles such Internet matters) is currently taking applications for new domain names. What kind of domain names? You can expect to see big brands such as McDonalds (for example, not a concrete example though) snagging a domain spot (.McDonalds would be the end result). Icann has told press that over 100 big brand (most Fortune 500) companies have applied for unique domain names.

Icann says that it’s time to open up some new domain names, but people around the world are reporting mixed feelings about this proposed change. For some, a domain that ends in a company name is just another way to stuff commercialism down consumer throats. For others, the fact that these specialized domain names cost nearly $185,000 to purchase is unfair. More likely than not, those who browse the Internet regularly will see domain name changes within the new year.

The Problem

Due to the high price tag that comes with a special domain name, only those companies that have the funds to put towards a unique domain can afford to do so. That means that all of those large companies you love to hate will soon be displaying sites that end in a company name. Some companies, Icann reports, are even requesting the use of city names (.NYC), and these names are also being considered carefully by Icann.

Even though Icann insists that it’s time for new domains to surface, the price of these domains can’t be ignored. View from a skeptical angle, it looks as though Icann will allow any company to create any domain just as long as that company pays the right price. The average person, or smaller company, however will not have the same opportunity. Another criticism of this new domain allowance is that it might open up the gates for those seeking to cash in on certain domains.

Selling High Priced Domains

If a person had enough money, a domain such as .NYC could be purchased. Then, when the city of New York wishes to snag this domain, the city would be forced to buy that domain from the person who bought it to begin with. As you can see, this could be a vicious circle. Right now, people who live off of buying up domains that could be in demand at some point are running out of domains to snag. Now, there’s a whole new set of possible domain combinations up for grabs.

Icann told BBC News that the majority of companies snatching up unique domains are from the retail and financial sector, with 25% of those being the Fortune 500 type. If you have the required funds to buy your own domain and you want a piece of this Internet action, you have until April to send in an application to Icann. After April, consumers can expect to see lots of commercials created by very large companies displaying new domains. For some, surfing the Internet will be more confusing than ever, but I’m betting retailers choose domains that are hard for consumer to forget.