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  • The Wikipad Is Here

Think back to this past October. Do you remember a company called Wikipad? Do you remember that this company promised a 10-inch Android tablet/gaming controller combo that sounded amazing? Well, the original October release date came and went without a peep from Wikipad.

Today, the company has finally announced that the Wikipad device will officially arrive on shelves on June 11th. Just in case you don't remember the details of the Wikipad that well, here's a quick recap.

Wavering Wikipad

Let's go over the history of the Wikipad gaming device for a minute. As stated, the device was set to go on sale this past October. At that time, it was a 10-inch tablet combo. In February, the device surface once again, only this time it was in the form of a 7-inch tablet and gaming device. The new Wikipad controller is also the 7-inch variety.

Already, it's clear that the company changes ideas frequently, but the price of the device hasn't wavered too much. At first, the 10-inch device was meant to sell for $499. When the 7-inch version was announced, that device was supposed to sell for $249.99. Now, the new 7-inch device has been quoted at the same price as the 7-inch ($249.99). At least Wikipad is sticking to the $249 price tag. Is this device worth nearly $300?

Is The Wikipad Worth the Price?

Here's what you'll get if you decide to purchase the Wikipad tablet/game controller: a 1280 x 800 IPS 7-inch screen; 16GB of storage (with expansion); 1GB of RAM; a Tegra 3 processor; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0; GPS; and a front-facing camera. But the bonus part of this device is simply: the thin and light tablet snaps into a handheld game controller (part of the deal).

When the Wikipad controller was first announced, it was novelty because devices of a similar sort didn't exist. That's no longer the case. The Nvidia Shield is Wikipad's biggest competitor now, and the Shield comes with a price that's just bit higher at $349. Which one is better?

Sit Back and Wait

Wikipad's controller sounds promising, but the company's track record, thus far, isn't the best. My advice is to wait it out to see what the Wikipad controller is actually like - it's hard to determine whether or not the company will live up to the hype until the device actually arrives.

On the Nvidia Shield front, this gaming handheld device has already gained a number of favorable reviews. It also happens to be manufactured by Nvidia - a company with a completely solid reputation. If you want to take a gamble on the new Wikipad handheld, you can sign up to receive your new device when it does arrive on the 11th of this month - hopefully, Wikipad will be ready to roll by that date, as promised.

You might want to wait for a few reviews first, though, including the ones that you will find on this site.

What do you think of the Wikipad? Is this handheld worth that $249 price tag?