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  • The New Wikipad: Revamped
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Remember the Wikipad? This device was set to be released last fall. But, the device never did make it to market. One month before the launch date, Wikipad, Inc. delayed the launch due to a need for refinement. Now, Wikipad is back.

This time, though, the device looks completely different from the first prototype. In addition to a complete redesign, the Wikipad now comes with a much lower price tag. Is the revamped Wikipad and lower price tag enough to entice consumers? Here’s a first look at the new Wikipad.

Screen Size and Other Adjustments

The first Wikipad sported a 10-inch screen. The modified version comes with a 7-inch screen. Wikipad, Inc. has told press that a 10-inch model is still in the works, but the 7-inch model will hit shelves first. In addition to a smaller screen, the new Wikipad also comes with better-placed controllers. This makes sense, since Wikipad, Inc. originally told press that the controllers needed some major work. Aside from the overall design of the Wikipad, the device maintains the same basic specs.

Inside the Wikipad (What You’ll Get)

The Wikipad runs on Android 4.1 and has a Tegra 3 processor. In case you don’t remember, the Wikipad is, essentially, a tablet designed for gaming. As such, this device comes with a removable sleeve that lets you use the tablet as a regular tablet (otherwise, the sleeve acts as two handlebars that allow you to better grip the device during gameplay). As far as the new launch date goes, Wikipad, Inc. has cited a spring launch date this time around – let’s hope the tablet actually makes that proposed date!

As mentioned above, the Wikipad now comes with a cheaper price tag too. For $249 you can purchase the Wikipad when it does finally launch. Wikipad, Inc. has adjusted its originally pricing significantly (around $450) to meet the competitive tablet marketplace pricing. Will the Wikipad sell out? Will this tablet even gain the attention of gamers? It’s really hard to say at this point, but the Wikipad seems like a great idea, and Wikipad, Inc. has definitely put a good amount of work into the redesign of the tablet.

Comparable to Other Gaming Tablets

There aren’t a lot of great gaming tablets on the current market. There are some that try to double as regular tablets and gaming tablets, but none quite fit the bill. The Wikipad seems to be the first of its kind. When the tablet does launch, it should be available widely through online retailers and through the Wikipad website. Dropping the price by hundreds of dollar should, technically, help Wikipad, Inc. to sell some of these tablets off the bat too.

Once the Wikipad does finally hit the market, you can check this site for a complete and honest review of the tablet. That review will include whether or not this tablet is worth the price, if it can handle most games, and any other information you need to know about the Wikipad.