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  • Is A New Xbox Coming Out?
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It’s been awhile since Microsoft released a new console. Recently, there were rumors that Microsoft planned on releasing a new console this year. Unfortunately, those rumors were dispelled. Microsoft is updating its dashboard, however. But, just because Microsoft isn’t creating a new console this year, doesn’t mean that a new Xbox isn’t in the works. Microsoft has been pretty busy as of late creating all kinds of new things, and a new console may be just what the company’s gaming division needs.

If you’re wondering what the new Xbox might look like, your guess is as good as mine. It is clear, though, the Microsoft will need to create a console that appeals to today’s difficult consumer. Most gamers today are of the mobile kind, and that’s something that gaming console companies like Microsoft are having a hard time competing with. Yet, somehow, Microsoft’s current Xbox is still selling relatively well.

Does Microsoft Need to Update the Xbox?

Xbox enthusiasts are likely to answer, “yes” to that question. But, does Microsoft really need to come out with a new Xbox? Right now, the older Xbox is selling well, people are still using the console, and it’s one of the top three out there.

Then again, Microsoft, like any other gaming company, has to think one step ahead of the trend. Gaming consoles and old-school games are not what they used to be. It’s not that these companies aren’t creating great games and consoles still, but consoles like the Xbox are just not portable enough for today’s gamers. Really, gamers are split into two groups: mobile gamers and PC gamers. Console gamers seem to have largely vanished, or just moved onto the business-geared smartphone.

To be clear, Microsoft has come out and said that the company is not creating a new console this year. Then again, company representative didn’t say anything about next year. There’s a good possibility that Microsoft might be working on something for 2013, and that’s likely to be a new console. So, if you are an Xbox fan, you might want to sit tight until Microsoft comes up with something next year.

No News For Now (But Maybe Later?)

There are certainly a lot of rumors flying around Microsoft these days. Typically, when the rumor mill starts running, those rumors are based on some kind of reality. It seems likely that gaming console companies will have to start stepping up their game, and Microsoft might be the first one to do it. It has been too long since we’ve seen anything in the console world, and a new Xbox would prove to be something to get revved up about.

For now, folks, Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped. Will a new Xbox arrive in 2013? Possibly. Will you buy this new Xbox or are consoles over and done with? If you have a moment, sign in and let me know what you think of these rumors. Or, keep posted – I’ll bring you more Xbox news when it arrives from Microsoft.