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  • Revamped Yahoo App for iOS
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iOS 7, released on September 18: you either love it or you despise it. But one thing that is clear: developers spent a lot of time optimizing apps for the updated operating system to put the iOS 7 to good use. Yahoo is one of those developers, offering their revamped Yahoo News app on the very same day as the release of iOS 7.

Besides displaying the newly redesigned Yahoo logo that was revealed in early September, the app is optimized for iOS 7 and brings you great new ways to receive and share the news in a sleek, clean design. What else is new with this app? Let's take a look!

Less Is More

If you think about the mobile platform, you can determine why these changes are for the better. Today's “on-the-go” society wants to access information from anywhere, and doesn't want to wait around for fancy animations and flashy menus. Yahoo responded by simplifying the interface, now an easy-to-follow menu of categories, designed with speed in mind.

Speed is key: no more endless waiting when switching between categories. The news feed itself is revamped to be a lot less cluttered, allowing news to be more visible to the reader. Each story will feature a relevant image, with some featuring what Yahoo's blog calls cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are graphics featuring slight animation, and Yahoo says they will bring so much more to a user's experience.

The cinemagraphs work well with Apple's new parallax home screen wallpaper effect, tricking users into seeing a 3-dimensional world behind the screen. It takes advantage of the way humans perceive the world, relying on sensors inside the hardware to tell iOS that you've rotated the phone a certain way.

New Features

The Yahoo News app brings users a couple of new features to further enhance their experience. The “Breaking News” category allows users to follow along with a big story, receiving notifications whenever news happens. Any stories regarding that specific bit of news will have a time stamp so users can easily distinguish the latest news from the old stories.

Another great feature: the Yahoo News app now offers a “My Saves” function. Simply tap a button to save it for later! Yahoo intends to make this feature available in the desktop version of Yahoo News so that people can save interesting news to their home computers to access there or from their mobile device.

A New Yahoo

It's just further evidence that Marissa Mayer is focused on bringing excitement to the company by redesigning its products, one at a time. For example, Yahoo's redesigned Weather app incorporates Flickr images.

You won't just see what the weather will be like, you'll see what the weather actually looks like. Full-screen images from Flickr's “Project Weather” community are displayed complete with forecast information and the name of the photographer.

Go ahead and check it out in the app store for free. It is compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7.