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  • Yahoo Is Creating a Gmail Alternative
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Yahoo has a new CEO. Marissa Meyer was once a Google exec, and her Google influence is starting to show. Meyer is currently working on revamping Yahoo Mail. What will the new mail look like? Reliable sources say that Yahoo Mail will soon look like Gmail. Meyer has told press that Yahoo seems to have missed the mail mark, but the company is capable of snatching some growth away from Google in the mail department.

If you currently use Yahoo Mail, you can expect some serious changes to occur over the next month or so. What will the new Yahoo Mail look like? It’s hard to say for sure, but clues point in the Gmail direction. Here’s what the tech world knows so far.

A Second Update For Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail went through some significant changes just over one year ago. Those changes included better social media integration, a smoother overall interface, and faster mail capabilities. Yet, Gmail is still the most popular email service out there. Google sees a growth of 287.9 million unique monthly visitors – that’s an amazing number. Yahoo is currently seeing 281.7 million unique visitors. The difference between those two numbers is approximately 6.2 million visitors per month. Yahoo wants a piece of Google’s pie, but will some Yahoo Mail changes be enough?

Google attracts many users to Gmail based largely on constant updates and options. Gmail users are frequently presented with new email updates that make sense and make using email easier. Just this month, Google added a new pop-out box that helps users send emails while looking through old emails (simultaneously). It’s really hard to beat that kind of innovation. Still, Meyer is going to try.

Advertising Is The Answer

Internet users that land on Yahoo’s homepage often do so after conducting a basic search or using Yahoo as a search engine. It’s up to Yahoo developers, then, to draw that attention towards new Yahoo Mail accounts. In order for Yahoo to effectively attract would be Gmail users, Yahoo Mail has to keep up to date with Google’s consistent updates. It’s also worth pointing out that many former Yahoo Mail users have largely forgotten about the mail service due to a lack of updates.

Do you currently use Yahoo Mail? If you do, what would you say to a Yahoo Mail that looks more like Gmail? Is there a point to this or will you just switch over to Gmail? It’s no secrete that Google makes this switch simple, so Yahoo will have to find a way to entice those who aren’t drawn to Yahoo Mail directly.

Presumably, you can expect Yahoo Mail to include further social media integration, better filing options, and some of the key features that make Gmail so great (like pop-out box options and setting customizations galore). Currently, the new Yahoo Mail is still under development. In the meantime, AOL, Google, Microsoft, and other companies are working to make sure that each respective mail provider is the best available.