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  • Yahoo's New Toolbar
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Ever since Marissa Meyer took over as CEO of Yahoo, a lot of things about the company have changed. Mostly, Meyer has been acquiring other companies (including Tumblr), and the company has also put out some solid apps. While change is good, Yahoo still doesn't understand what today's browser market wants (or doesn't want).

Today, Yahoo launched a brand new - get ready for it - toolbar. You remember toolbars, right? Toolbars are those things that you used to be able to install at the top of any browser screen in order to gain quick access to certain things like mail, news, and other bits. For years now, toolbars have largely been replaced by extensions, but Yahoo didn't get the memo.

The New Yahoo Toolbar

In case you happen to be one of the rare few that actually likes the look and function of a toolbar, here's what you can expect to find when you install Yahoo's latest option. The new Yahoo toolbar will provide users with instant access to Yahoo Mail, Stocks, News, Weather, Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr.

The toolbar can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. But, one has to wonder, why use a Toolbar at all? With today's advanced search options, apps, and extensions, toolbars are some obsolete. Then again, some people hate the hassle that comes with setting up an extension.

Who Might Use the New Yahoo Toolbar

Extensions and add-ons make some lives easier. Other lives, not so much. As it stands, a number of people do not bother with downloading and installing extensions, and some extensions are simply too time consuming to bother with at all. The new Yahoo toolbar might be just the ticket for those people.

The toolbar would provide users with a fast way to see if mail has arrived and what the weather is. All of this information would be accessible in one quick place, too, and that's what most people are looking for. While techies will laugh at Yahoo's latest feature, a large percentage of the population will find the toolbar useful.

A Smart Move?

While some might think a new Yahoo toolbar is unnecessary, Yahoo would not have implemented the new toolbar were some Yahoo users not missing it. In other words, the company has probably done its fair share of market research on the matter. Would you use the Yahoo toolbar? Probably not; but that doesn't mean that some people won't.

If you do love the way that the new toolbar sounds, you can check out Yahoo's latest extension by visiting the main Yahoo site. As mentioned, the extension should work with Chrome, but (at last test) this doesn't seem to be happening just yet.

The new Yahoo toolbar is available now, and it seems to be working fine with Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you want to clean up your browser and get rid of some extensions, maybe installing the Yahoo toolbar is a good idea - or, maybe you are better off with some simplified add-ons.