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  • YouTube Gets Another Update
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YouTube got an update earlier this year when the site was completely revamped. Personalized channels and a better interface were introduced to the sheer enjoyment of all YouTube users. Now, YouTube is at it again with a different kind of update. The latest way that the developers behind YouTube are making this site even better is to provide additional user control and some captioning options.

All who use YouTube welcome these changes, and it certainly looks like the site will just keep getting better. If you use YouTube (and, really, who doesn’t?), you will enjoy the latest feature updates. Here’s what you can expect to see the next time you search for a video or look for a way to waste the day away.

It’s All About Captions

YouTube recognizes the fact that many people around the world rely on captioning. In order to make YouTube videos more accessible to all, users can now find captioned videos by typing “cc” after the name of a video in the YouTube search bar. Preferences for captions will also be saved if a user has created a YouTube profile. In addition to being able to search for captions, YouTube users will also be able to adjust letter style and colors on-screen. So, if you don’t like the way that a video’s captions look, you can change what you are looking at.

Lastly, YouTube has now made it possible for users to change languages effortlessly. If you want to add captions to any video in your native tongue, YouTube will support this decision by providing you with the right alphabet. Again, any preferences that you choose will be saved on your YouTube home page. As you can see, YouTube has really made an effort to branch out to the world with its newly devised website and preference selection.

Are More YouTube Updates Coming Soon?

As any solid tech company knows, innovation is the cornerstone of a tech business. Sites like YouTube must keep moving forward in order to keep gaining an audience. Ever since the recent YouTube interface revamp, this site has gone through some very positive changes. Now, it’s easier than ever before to use YouTube whether you are uploading a video or searching for one. Based on this notion alone, it seems likely that YouTube will keep upgrading the site until it is nearly perfect.

If you use YouTube a lot, I recommend playing around with the new features. You may not use captioning and you may not add notes to videos, but, if you wanted to, it’s now a lot easier to accomplish these tasks. What’s next for YouTube? It’s hard to say what additions the site will receive within the next few months, but you can expect YouTube to keep up with the times – an idea that is welcomed by users all around the world. The new YouTube features mentioned above are available right now by heading to the YouTube site (make sure to sign up for your own home page, so that your preferences can be saved!