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  • 10 Best Android Games
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I’m a little fed up of seeing lists of best iOS games, are you? There are tons of Android games that bring the house down – and lots are better than what iOS has to offer!

It’s hard to keep up with new games, though, so I thought I’d compile a list of the top Android games for you to check out (and weigh in on!).

What do you think? Are these top ten Android gams on your list too? Take a look!

1. The Room 2: we all loved the first version of this game, right? Well, the second installment just takes it all one-step further. Figure out how to get out of the room this time – I’ll warn you, though, it won’t be easy!

2. Mystery of the Opera: if you like mystery games, this one’s for you. Find 60 different objects that are hidden throughout the game, solve puzzles, and make it all come together.

3. Mikey Shorts: you may start playing this game and think to yourself, “hmm, this kind of reminds me of Mario!” Well, you’d be right. Mikey Shorts looks a lot like the original Mario, and it’s the same kind of fun. Jump over things, knock things over, and move to the next level while playing this game.

4. Swordigo: like fighting battles? Grab your sword and duel to the death. The more that you win each battle, the further that you will progress. Some battles are really hard!

5. Pathogen: this game reminds me of an old-school strategy game, with a twist. You’ll definitely see the vintage game appeal when you play Pathogen!

6. Shadowblade: move through this game as a mini ninja who’s main purpose is to fight battles and win. Shawdowblade is a lot of fun.

7. Table Top Racing: sometimes car games are just the best way to pass the time. Table Top Racing lets you choose from 17 different cars, 8 tracks, and various scenery modes. Think of those old arcade racing games, and then get ready to beat everyone else on the track!

8. Clumsy Bird: yep, it’s like Flappy Bird, but some say it’s better! Help your clumsy bird get through a bunch of obstacles in order to progress to the next level.

9. Guess the 90s: are you a 90s child? If you think that you have your 90s trivia down, take the challenge by playing this game. Guess TV characters, actors, songs, and all kinds of stuff that will take you directly down memory lane.

10. 100 Doors 2: this one is kind of like The Room 2, only you will have to solve puzzles in order to move through each door. Puzzles games like this one can be frustrating, but they are also highly addictive!

That’s my list of top ten Android games for this month. Do you have any games that you love to play to add to this list? Out of all the games listed here, the most popular so far are the mystery types – people just can’t get enough puzzles!