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  • Realistic Things to Expect from the iWatch
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What You Can Realistically Expect From the iWatch

There have been all kinds of rumors surrounding the iWatch lately. But, this watch won’t work magic - it might, however, have all kinds of fun things going for it. By taking apart some of the recent rumors, I’ve put together a list of realistic things the iWatch will likely be able to do (sorry, folks, this watch won’t be able to drive a car or do laundry!).

1. There’s going to be a strong fitness tie-in. Apple has been strongly focusing on fitness over the past few months, and I can’t see the iWatch being any different. The most believable rumors surrounding the fitness part of the watch are as follows: it will be able to track your heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, UV ray exposure, and things like calories. If we look at past fitness watches, there’s a good bet that this watch will be able to track your sleep patterns too.

2. It’s going to be expensive. Since most Apple products are on the pricier side, there’s no way that the iWatch will be cheap. How much can you expect to pay? I’m going to go into the hundreds here, and place the iWatch slightly above the iPad - but that’s purely a guess.

3. The iWatch will connect to your iPhone in some way. Why wouldn’t Apple connect the watch to the iPhone? This company likes to keep things together. Plus, you won’t be able to call from the iWatch or send messages from the watch, so that’s another reason why a connection to your iPhone will be necessary.

4. The iWatch might be your new wallet. There are some rumors that suggest Apple is working on a payment system of its own, and the iWatch will likely be connected to that system. This means that you may just have to wave your watch to pay for something in the near future.

5. It could be round, or square, or triangular - will Apple go with the popular square shape? It’s anyone’s guess!

6. The watch might come in different sizes, and, thus, price points. There’s a good possibility that Apple’s new iWatch will be available in different sizes because everyone loves variety.

The Real Unveiling

Apple is set to hold a massive conference on Tuesday, September, 9th. At that time, it is expected that the company will unveil the iWatch in addition to a new iPhone, and some other devices, and maybe a payment system. We still don’t know much about the iWatch, but Apple will reveal all on Tuesday. In the meantime, we can keep guessing what the watch will and won’t do. Hopefully, though, this watch will at least tell the time.

If you want to find out what Apple announces on Tuesday, make sure to check back on this blog for additional details - we’ll keep you posted when it comes to what the iWatch can do. What do you want from this watch, or are you simply going to purchase another one?