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  • Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?
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Information about the new Apple TV is starting to surface from reliable sources across the web. If those sources are right - and they often are - this version of Apple TV isn't going to be anything like the others.

If you've been hanging onto your current Apple TV hoping for something better or different to come along, you may want to get in line when the latest devices from Apple hit the market.

Here's what the new Apple TV will look like.

Gaming and Content Too

The word on the street is that the new Apple TV will have the ability to play games - or, rather, you will have the ability to play games through the new Apple TV. The newest device is heavily immersed iOS, some state, and that means access to the App Store - or any App Store - for Apple TV users.

Where there's access to the App Store, there's bound to be access to third-party apps and games galore. So not only is Apple's current channel lineup growing, but users may soon have direct access to the App Store, which means lots of apps, games, and more. It's also possible that Apple might create a different app store for use with Apple TV. If this happens, there's no telling what kind of content you might find through the new Apple TV device.

Cable TV Too?

Games and App Stores aren't the only news surrounding Apple's newest TV device, though. There are also whispers of a direct link or connection to your current cable TV box. If this is the case, the Apple TV box could control your cable TV box. Why would you want this? One theory is that Apple would integrate a user control panel with TV browsing, so that you can use the Apple panel to select stations and complete other tasks.

Since Apple is all about making things simpler, I'm guessing that the TV integration would provide a faster or better way to search through channels, find what you want, and be better at browsing. As good as all of this might sound, though, Apple does have some really tough competition.

Will It Be Better Than Xbox?

That's the question that everyone wants to know. It's also the reason why lots of Apple TV fans aren't excited about the upcoming release. Xbox already does all of the things that the new Apple TV is rumoured to be capable of - and more. It will, no doubt, be interesting to see if Apple can come up with a unique or additional hook to please the masses - or maybe just a lower price tag.

If you use Apple TV right now, what do you think that the current device needs? How do you feel about the new Apple TV rumours? Is there any weight to these assumptions? What can Apple do to compete with Microsoft? While Apple device announcements are always interesting, I'm not so sure that Apple will be able to pull this one off.