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  • Some Possible Drawbacks to the New Apple TV
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Apple recently announced a new Apple TV (a welcome addition, since the old Apple TV hadn’t been updated in awhile!). While some details about the TV were widespread shortly after the announcement, other details aren’t quite as well known or understood.

So if you’re thinking about dishing out some cash this fall for a new Apple TV, here’s what you need to know about the device before plunking down your hard earned dollars.

Size Matters

The new Apple TV is larger than your older version, but not so much that you can’t still stick it on top of your satellite box or inside of your bookshelf. Apple has made the device bigger because it houses more options and is more advanced in almost every way. Perhaps the biggest change is the new Siri operated remote. If you use Siri regularly on your iPhone (and if you don’t you really should) you’ll adapt to the new Siri Apple TV remote right away.

As with most things Siri, you can speak to the new remote to help you find things like movies and shows and activate the various apps that Apple has packed into the new Apple TV. What types of apps has Apple added to the new TV? Mostly gaming apps, which will come in handy if you love to play games from your living room couch, and Siri makes playing those games a lot easier too. But the new Apple TV also has a few limitations that you should know about if you plan to buy this device over competitor devices.

Some Possible Drawbacks

The reason why this sub-header states “possible” drawbacks is that the following limitations might not be so detrimental to everyone buying an Apple TV. For some people, the following drawbacks may not matter at all, but here they are anyway.

For starters, this Apple TV remote has to be recharged, so you will have to find somewhere to charge the remote (and remember to do so), or you won’t be able to watch your Apple TV. This might be a pain if you aren’t in the habit of charging things, or if you have an infant at home and just can’t get around to charging things (or something like that). This is definitely an extra step.

It’s also good to know that while Apple has included some gaming apps, those games aren’t going to be massive in size at the start. If you’re expecting gaming console game sizes, you will be disappointed for sure. Otherwise, the games are fun, and Apple will likely expand the size of gameplay in the near future.

The other major drawback (and this one is kind of major for everyone considering purchasing this version of the Apple TV) is that the new Apple TV doesn’t come with a HDMI cable. Why does this matter? You absolutely need that cable in order to use the Apple TV. It’s not an expensive cable (around $5), but it doesn’t come in the box. Why Apple didn’t include the HDMI cable is kind of a mystery, but you do have to buy it separately.

Worth It?

It all depends on what you currently use for your set top box. If you have an Apple TV and love it, go ahead and upgrade - the addition of Siri is a pretty great one. If you have another set top box, it might be worth holding out. More companies are bound to upgrade these boxes before the holiday season arrives.