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  • Uber for Business Is Here
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The way that traveling employees are paid for travel expenses is somewhat antiquated. Usually, an employee will pay for a taxi, get a receipt, and expense that amount. The amount is then paid back at a later time, and the whole process can take anywhere from one week to a month or two (depending on how slow your employer is).

Uber wants to change this process by introducing a new Uber for Business model that lets employees use Uber and expense that fee directly to a company credit card – here’s how it works.

Uber for Business

Employers that choose to use the new Uber service can link a company credit card directly to an uber account. From there, employees simply have to load Uber, choose the company payment option (the two options will now appear in the Uber app), and call a ride. From there, the app will automatically charge the card linked to the business account, and your ride will be paid for. No more reimbursements, receipts, or other nonsense – and no worrying about whether or not you have enough cash to pay that taxi from the airport.

The new Uber for Business services is launching today, so ask your boss to sign up for the service just to make your life easier. Plus, Uber for Business also makes your boss’s life simpler because it’s impossible for an employee to embellish the price of a taxi. With Uber, there are no discrepancies. There are other benefits for businesses here too.

Tracking Data Helps

With the new Uber service, it’s now possible for businesses to track the activity of employees. If you want to find out where your employees go, how much you spend on cab rides, and other details that will help you figure out where money is being spent, Uber can provide you with all of this data. Each month, you can take a look at these expenses, and decide whether or not you need to cut back on travel expenditure. Really, Uber’s new tracking data will be priceless to some companies that aren’t sure of how much money is being spent regularly on rides.

Uber will have to provide competitive prices for many large businesses to jump on board, though. Often, very big businesses already have transportation deals set up with local driving companies, so Uber will have some serious competition. Right now, the company is offering some decent deals, but this may target smaller businesses more than the larger sorts. Still, Uber for Business is a great way to charge a ride directly to the company card, and that should appeal to both business owners and employees that travel frequently.

It’s hard to deny that Uber isn’t a simpler way to get a cab – especially in busy cities. Sometimes, Uber is more expensive, but it’s still hard to beat that convenience factor. But, will Uber for Business take off? That remains to be seen. Check out your Uber app today to see if the new business service works in your part of the world.