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  • Bluetooth 4.2 is More Secure and Can Connect Your Home
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Bluetooth 4.2 is a lot more secure than its predecessor, and it also lets you do things like connect any home device with ease. Bluetooth 4.2 was just adopted by The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (the group responsible for Bluetooth standards), and Bluetooth 4.2 makes things a lot more secure than previous versions. Here’s what’s included with the newest version of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Connectivity for All

Smart devices and other devices can now connect straight to the internet with Bluetooth 4.2. This means that all of those smart devices now on the market can connect directly to the Internet without any kind of intermediary device. This connectivity will make using smart home devices a lot simpler, but, more importantly, it will make these devices a lot more secure as well.

In fact, security is really the main focus of Bluetooth 4.2. It’s not much harder to track devices through Bluetooth too, and that really makes a difference when it comes to security concerns that some people have about using Bluetooth. The biggest security upgrade here is that it’s now impossible to track someone using Apple’s iBeacons via Bluetooth, unless that person wants to interact with others (that’s a choice that can be made).

Device Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.2 will work with some older devices, but it has been reported that the new Bluetooth upgrade won’t work with all older devices. Which devices will be supported have yet to be announced, so keep an eye open for those details if you aren’t sure which devices you can use, or want to know which devices you can use in the future. Software updates can help people go to version 4.1, but new hardware will be needed to update to version 4.2.

In almost every way, the new Bluetooth 4.2 is faster, more secure, and connects to more devices, but the fact that it might not be easily used with older devices is something of a setback. Whether or not you’ll want to buy a new piece of hardware simply to upgrade depends on the level of Bluetooth security you’re seeking. In most cases, Bluetooth 4.1 will suffice, but you may want to consider Bluetooth 4.2 if you are looking to really make things a lot more secure (or connect a home device).

The Connected Home

WIth the new Bluetooth 4.2, you will be able to connect things like light bulbs and thermostats to the Internet without any kind of intermediary device. That’s a huge step for connected home devices, and it might be a step in the right direction considering that connected home devices are now more popular than ever before. As more and more companies are created objects for the connected home, it makes sense to put it all together with the new Bluetooth 4.2.

Check for updates for Bluetooth 4.2 in the coming weeks. The new Bluetooth has already been adopted and is ready to roll, but the older devices that the new Bluetooth will work with have yet to be named. Stay tuned for additional details.