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Need some good news? Here it is: there are a ton of new computers coming out that are going to be worth buying. Surprised? The fact of the matter is that a slew of new computers (all shapes, sizes, and price points) are in production currently. Some of these computers are also really great. Here's what I'm looking forward to seeing in the next few months.

Next-Gen Macs

New Macs are coming! If you are an Apple user, you probably understand my excitement. The new Macs are going to be great. Why? These computers will be stocked with Intel's new Core-i series. You can also look forward to high resolution screens, and all kinds of other Apple-centric goodies. Price-wise, these will be on the high side, but they will be competitively priced for Apple goods.

The Razer Edge

This is a Windows 8 tablet first and foremost. But, what's really great (or what will be great) about the Razer Edge is that it's meant for gamers. Stocked with Nvidia graphics and tons of great gaming accessories, gamers will love what this tablet can do. The price is high with this one, around $999, but if you're a serious gamer it might be the tablet for you.

Intel's Haswell Lineup

These systems will include Intel's latest and greatest power and efficiency parts. Which systems will be included? You'll soon find tablets, hyrbids, and desktops surfacing. Intel has announced a June launch date, and all kinds of different prices will appear alongside the devices. Stay tuned for updates and reviews on this lineup!

Lenovo Yoga 11S

You probably know by now that Lenovo's Yoga line moves and bends just as the name suggests. Lenovo's last year Yoga model stole the Windows 8 show, and this year shouldn't be any different. The newest Yoga 11S will include a small screen, better graphics, and a faster processor. Lenovo should be launching the new Yoga 11S in June. Prices will start around $799.

What's With June?

There's a pattern here, folks. June will be the month to keep your eye on. In June, a whole lot of companies will be launching new tablets, PCs, laptops, and other devices. The ones listed above are definitely going to be worth watching, buying, and just trying out. If you haven't gotten into the tablet game yet, make sure to take a look at upcoming tablet offers.

Even though PC sales are slumping, I'm betting that those sales will pick up slightly with the newest additions to the PC market. I also want to point out the gaming tablet listed above, which is already getting rave reviews from reviewers who have had the chance to check it out.

Are you in laptop, tablet, or PC mode? Looking forward to the new Apple lineup? What's your pleasure? Pick one! There are so many good ones to choose from now...and this June will be the month for all the greatness when it comes to new systems and devices. I can't wait -- can you?