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Video game developers have figured out that Comic-Con presents the perfect backdrop for new game announcements. So, this year those savvy developers have started to announce a few upcoming games at Comic-Con. Thus far, the following titles have been taking center stage at the comic book conference – take a look!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: this upcoming 3DS game will feature a character that most of you know from the Legend of Zelda series: Link. Link will be a character in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and he will have the Master Sword.

Halo Nightfall: a new trailer shows gamers what Halo Nightfall will be like including a new character named Jameson Locke – make sure to check out the trailer for some seriously good gaming to look forward to!

Adventure Time: if you have seen the animated TV series, Adventure Time, than you already know a little bit about this plot. Pendleton Ward’s series comes to (more) life in the upcoming video game that will be available on 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Firefly Online: remember the Joss Whedon TV show called “Firefly” that aired ten or so years ago? Well, that show is back in the form of a video game called “Firefly Online,” that’s going to be a mult-player game showcasing the original cast from the show.

Which Ones Are Worth It?

Most of the trailers shown at Comic-Con this week were somewhat lackluster, but those are just trailers. The video game lineup listed above won’t actually show up until sometime this fall, so keep your eyes open for those titles. And, Microsoft is getting in on the new videogame lineup frenzy happening at Comic-Con with a movie that the company will be debuting in the fall called “Atari: Game Over.”

The movie will discuss the Atari craze, and how a bunch of video games called “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” wound up buried in a landfill in New Mexico instead of in any gaming console. If you want to take a walk back in time or just love nostalgia, you’ll want to check out Microsoft’s newest film (the film will air on Xbox in the fall). Just so you know, too, Microsoft is shutting down the extension of the company that produced original Xbox games called “Xbox Entertainment Studios,” so no more original programming will come from that part of the company.

All Debuting Soon

The word from Comic-Con is that all of the games listed above will be coming out in the fall. While I wouldn’t hold my breath for some of those titles, others look promising. You can check out trailers for most of these games by going to respective publisher sites. You can also find some details about the games on the various Comic-Con feeds that are being sent out from the conference.

Are you looking forward to any one of these titles? Or, are all of these titles pretty much lacking for you? I’m also curious to know if you’ll be watching that Atari flick when it comes out (and what the heck was Atari thinking when burying all of those games in a landfill?). Interesting stuff!