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  • New Gmail Update
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Google isn't one of those companies that lets sleeping dogs lie. Google is constantly updating all of its applications including the popular Gmail. Today, Google has rolled out (another) Gmail feature. This time, the company aims at organizing your inbox, so that you don't have to deal with unnecessary clutter.

In another attempt to create an organized inbox, Gmail now comes with an array of tabs. These tabs are categorized, and Google will automatically send emails in one direction or another, so that your inbox actually looks like an inbox - and not an overcrowded mess. Here are the details.

Sort, Shift, and Shuffle

At the top of the new Gmail configuration sit five different tabs: social, forums, updates, promotions, and your regular inbox. Here's how your mail will be sorted.

Social Tab: any emails send from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks will be sent to this tab.

Forums: emails from forums, discussions, and mailings lists will be sent to this tab.

Updates: bills, company emails, and notifications will be sorted into the updates tab.

Promotions: sales, offers, and other deals that hit your inbox will be sorted into the promotions tab.

If you don't need all of these tabs, you can delete a few to accommodate your inbox flow. You can't, however, move the tabs around in an attempt to reorder. Emails from friends and family members will pop up in your regular inbox per usual.

Does This Fix the Problem?

Companies will always find a way to send emails to your inbox. No matter how hard you try to get off of that mailing list, these emails always seem to break through most barriers. Gmail's new sorting feature will help you deal with a cluttered inbox, but I'm not convinced that it's the solution to the unwanted email problem.

I've been using services like Unroll.me and Trapit for a very long time now, and these apps effectively capture all of that unwanted mail, roll it into neat end-of-day bundles, and make my life a lot easier. But, these apps don't catch things like bill updates (and I don't want them to), so a folder that contains just bill updates would be helpful. Gmail's new features will be useful to those that like to sort and sift - but some Gmail users already do this.

More of the Same?

Gmail has had a number of folder and filter options for a long time. If you obsessive categorize your Gmail folders, you probably won't see any changes when the newest layout arrives in your inbox. But, if you have a hard time sort your current mail, the new Gmail layout will prove to be useful.

Gmail will attempt to sort all of your emails automatically, but you can remove emails from the wrong folder if need be. Gmail will learn from the mistakes that the program has made, and you can tell the program not to place certain emails in specific categories going forward. Has Google solved the cluttered inbox problem? I'm not so sure; but it is an excellent attempt.