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  • A Peek At Amazon's Newest Kindle Fire (Out Soon!)
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Amazon has a new Kindle Fire on the way, and this one will bring Amazon's game to a whole new level. Feeling the pressure from Google and Apple, Amazon is rumored to be releasing a whole new kind of tablet. Here's what's known about the upcoming Kindle Fire so far.

Included In the New Fire

Reports point to a Fire that comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip; a 2560 x 1600-pixel resolution; and Android 4.2.2. Those aren't bad specs to start. If we were to speculate further, it might be safe to assume that the new Fire will come with a 7-inch screen. Why 7-inches? To compare directly with Google's Nexus 7 (which happens to have the same resolution).

Then again, there's another rumor circulating that Amazon will actually be launching three different Fires in October including a 7-inch standard edition, a high-definition 7-inch slate and an 8.9-inch option. So, you might have your choice of three different Amazon slates. What is known about Google and Apple's upcoming tablet offerings? Not much right now, but both companies are expected to come out with new devices in October too.

Is Amazon Feeling the Pressure?

Amazon Fire sales are somewhat down, now that other companies are offering better tablets at lower prices. But, that doesn't mean that the company is out of the race altogether. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Amazon has never been known to let something go, and getting out of the tablet race is not something that Amazon will willing do.

Plus, there's no telling whether Amazon, Google, or Apple will create the most popular upcoming tablet. You can bet that all three companies will be coming out with new tablets, though, and those are expected to be somewhat spectacular. As the race heats up, Amazon seems to be stepping up the Fire game, that's for sure.

Pricing and Other Details

It's hard to guess at pricing at this point, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Amazon's new Kindle Fires will be in the $200 range. Google and Apple (rumored to be creating a new iPad Mini) will likely follow suit where pricing is concerned.

What does any of this mean for you? If you are waiting to purchase a back-to-school tablet, and you can wait a bit, I'd hold off until October arrives. The autumn months always bring with them some new devices, and tablets appear to be at the top of that list this year (in addition to the new iPhone, of course).

More Information Soon

Amazon is expected to make some official announcements about the new Kindle Fire soon. The press is expecting those announcements to arrive mid-September, or before, so stay tuned for more details. If you can't wait for a new tablet, there are still plenty of great options on the market, and, hey, the newest tablets may not be anything to wait for after all.

We'll just have to sit back and hold out breath for now, it seems, but it's exciting to know that Amazon is, for sure, stepping up the company's tablet game.