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  • Here Are the Newest Sony Walkmans
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Remember the Sony Walkman? You don't even have to go back to the late 1970s to set your sights on a Walkman. Sony came out with an updated version of the classic just a few years ago, but that Walkman wasn't met with too much success. Just a few days ago, Sony released a new Walkman. This time, the Sony Walkman is taking a direct stab at Apple's iPod.

Has the iPod Been Forgotten?

Apple has made more than enough of a fuss about the company's new phones, but the latest Apple conference had nothing to do with the iPod. This was a first for the company that tends to introduce an updated iPod regularly. But, while the cat is away, the mice will play, and this time the "mice" comes in the form of the brand new Walkman.

The Newest Sony Walkmans

Sony unveiled two Walkmans this month. The company has developed the Sony F880 and the Sony ZX1. Since both of these devices are entirely unique, I'll break them down in separate categories.

The Sony F880

Weight: .23 Pounds
Color options: black, white, pink, and blue
Length: 4.57 inches
Thickness: .32 inches
Screen size: 4 inches
Sony Advanced Amplifier
Sony S-Master HX

The Sony ZX1

Weight: .31 pounds
Color options: black
Width 2.35 inches
Length: 4.81 inches
Screen size: 4 inches
Sony Advanced Amplifier
Sony S-Master HX

Sony's Claims

Sony is making some big claims with the new Walkman too. The Sony S-Master HX can (according to Sony) remaster files. That's a big enough claim, but Sony takes it one step farther. Both of these Walkmans can also play FLAC files, and these files aim to be exact reproductions of the original source. Yeah, those are some big shoes to fill, but, if Sony has actually managed to make these things happen, the new Walkmans could also be worth more than a quick look.

As far as design goes, you'll find that the new Walkmans are similar to Apple's iPod. In fact, these are basically Android versions of the iPod - but that shouldn't deter you if you are used to Apple products. These devices run Android 4.1, and pricing will start at around $275 for the F880 and $763 for the pricier ZX1.

Overall Impressions

I like the look, specs, and design of the new Sony Walkmans. Both versions of this device really stand out, Sony has packed them with enviable specs, and anyone looking for an alternative to an iPod will likely enjoy what Sony has cooked up.

If you do like what you're reading, you can scoop up a brand new Sony Walkman from the Sony store within the next few weeks, though Sony does plan to release these Walkmans in other parts of the world before extending the music devices to North America.

While Sony has made definite improvements to the new Walkman lineup, the company is still going to find it tough to go against streaming services - not to mention the Apple iPod, which tends to dominate the current portable music market. What do you think of Sony's new Walkman lineup?