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Sometimes apps are practical and entirely logic-based. Other times, new apps are just plain fun. News Booth is the latter sort of app, and it’s a great way to fake out your friends or to send in a catchy photograph to your editor with that great story you wrote. Essentially, News Booth turns any photo you snap into a photo that looks like it came from newspaper or television news show (compete with captions and graphics). As you might imagine, it’s really easy to turn any picture you have into something that looks like it came from a news show in mere seconds – let the mayhem begin!

How to Use News Booth

First, you should know that News Booth is only available for the iPhone, and it is only free until the end of February (after that, a small fee will be, presumably, charged, so make sure to snag this app now!). After downloading the app from the Apple Store, News Booth will ask you to choose a photo. You can select an existing photo or snap one on the spot. You’ll also have to grant News Booth permission to locate your current position, so that the app can access your photo album.

Once you’ve selected a photo, you can play around with different news room themes (go for Fox-type themes or those with less pizazz), add text, and save your photo. You can also share your photo on Facebook or Twitter. As you might already be able to tell News Booth is a lot of fun to play around with (in fact, it’s easy to spend more than twenty minutes messing around with photos using this app!). The themes look real enough and it’s a great deal of fun to change the text underneath a chosen photo.

Possible News Booth Uses

While I’m certain that parents around the world will be posting photos of “World’s Cutest Kids” and such, there are some possible practical ways to use the News Booth app. If you run a blog, you can set up a news photo to showcase your press releases or news stories (now complete with photo). You can also add any kind of photo to an article that you are writing or that you want to post. You can create lasting vacation memories without paying a ridiculous amount of money to some theme park to make a similar photo – really, the uses for this app are endless.

When testing and setting up the app, I didn’t experience any problems. The app worked seamlessly, was a lot of fun to use, posted nicely to Facebook and Twitter, and is one app that I’m bound to use many more times. As mentioned, you only have until the end of this month to download the News Booth iOS app for free. After that, you might have to pay a dollar or two to mess around with your friends, create an interesting photo or two, or trick people into believing that your story is newsworthy.