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  • Next Issue: Finally In Canada
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The 'Next Issue Media' app is finally coming to Canada. This app was created by major media players Conde Nast, News Corp., Time Inc., Hearst, and Meredith to provide subscribers with unlimited magazine access. The app has previously only been available in the United States, but the app will finally be accessible to Rogers customers on October 15th.

Next Issue works with iOS and Android tablets, and will only be available to Rogers subscribers at first, though additional access will spread throughout the rest of Canada by December 15th. Since the app is not yet available in French, it's hard to state whether or not Quebec residents will have access to Next Issue.

How Next Issue Works

The basic Next Issue plan is around $10 per month. This plan grants users access to a number of magazines including Esquire, ESPN, Wired, and various other small magazines. If you just to $15 per month, you can access big name magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek. Essentially, Next Issue provides subscribers with unlimited access to all kinds of print media - a great idea for those that like to read.

Right now, Next Issue is only available on iOS and Android tablets, though the company has told press that it plans to expand to smartphones in the near future (which platforms the company is considering has yet to be announced). French versions of the app will be available in 2014, which is why I've stated above that it's unclear whether or not Quebec will have access to this app.

Worth the Price?

It's tough to get a print magazine subscription for less than $15 per month - tougher to buy a per-issue magazine via tablet for that price, too. So, Next Issue does make a lot of sense if you have a tablet and like magazines.

But, you will really have to upgrade to the $15 per month version if you want to snag some big name magazine titles. Otherwise, you'll be confined to smaller glossy mags and publications - not a bad thing, but not as impressive as, say, the New Yorker.

As mentioned, this app will come to Canada on October 15th. It took four long years for Next Issue to reach Canada, but now that it's here it looks promising. At present, Mashable reports that around 75,000 people already subscribe to Next Issue's plans, and Canada will help that number to explode.

Canadian Content?

I have to wonder whether or not Next Issue will provide Canadians with content from Canada-based magazines as well as U.S.-based publications. Sure, the New Yorker is great, but what does that do for people in, say, Montreal? Presumably, the company will be working on some deals with Canadian publishers too, but those details have not been revealed just yet.

What do you think of Next Issue? Will you spend $10 per month to access unlimited subscriptions? Keep in mind that this app hasn't come to smartphones yet (though it's hard to read on most smartphone screens), but this is something that the company is planning for the near future.