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  • The Nexus Value 430 Power Supply Means Business
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Are you in search of a lot of power? No, I mean a large amount of power? Well, Dutch company Nexus has just come out with the Nexus Value 430 Power Supply that’s supposed to be the quietest power supply on the market. In case you’re wondering, what exactly makes a power supply excellent? Well, not only does a supply have to provide a good amount of efficiency, it also has to work without disrupting your day job. Many power supplies that are currently on the market are efficient, but far too many of these options also come with more disruptive noises than anyone can possibly work with. So, when Nexus promises a power supply that has up to 80% efficiency and is as quiet as a mouse, consumers shopping for such a supply sit up and listen.

A Word On Style

Computers don’t have to look good, they just have to perform well, right? The same goes for cellphones, tablets, monitors, and nearly any other device (even hard drives!) on the market. But, the fact of the matter is that looks do matter even when speaking about a power supply. That said, the Nexus Value 430 definitely won’t win any awards in the looks department. This power supply is 4.9-inches deep and housed in a rather unattractive metal box. At the bottom of this box sits a fan that is relatively quiet, but is, again, incredibly rudimentary style-wise.

The Nexus Value 430 does come with a bunch of useful cables though, and that’s something to add to the bonus side of your list, since many power supplies only come with one or two cables. With the 430, you will get two cables with two SATA power connectors, one six-pin cable destined for video cards, one cable that includes peripheral power connectors, a floppy disk drive connector, and a main motherboard cable – that’s a lot of cables!

Power Wise

What’s the use of a power supply that doesn’t actually produce efficient power? When tested across the board, the Nexus Value 430 actually held its own putting out between 80-85% efficiency – not bad at all. Clearly, the 430 holds up to Nexus’ efficiency promise, but what about that noise level claim? When running, this power supply really was quiet. Actually, the supply proved to be so quiet in so many tests that it has gained a large amount of recognition from the tech community at large.

Now, you might be wondering how much the Nexus Value 430 retails for given the “value” portion of its name and all of the things that come with this supply. Well, the answer is that the 430 is really quite a good deal all around. You can purchase this kind of the power supply world right now from a retailer near you or online. As far as how much this power unit will cost you? How does $130 sound? Not a bad price at all for this power supply that really does do all it was meant to do. If you’re in the market for a new power supply that puts out over 80% efficiency, make sure to check out the Nexus Value 430.