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  • The Nexus 4 Wireless Charger
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Smartphone chargers are perplexing. If you own a smartphone, you need a charger. It’s really that simple. But, a number of chargers exist. Some are wired and some are wireless. You have to find the charger that coincides with your phone (if you have an iPhone, that means buying a charger from the Apple Store, for the most part). You also have to find a charger that makes monetary sense. A large number of smartphone chargers on the current market are expensive.

Why? Because manufacturers know that you need this device in order to use your smartphone. As with anything else, some expensive chargers are worth the price and some really aren’t. Today, I take a close look at the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger. This charger looks unique and seems to operate without too many problems, but is it worth the $60 price tag? Here’s what you need to know before you pull out your wallet.

How the Nexus 4 Charger Works

First, let’s talk design. This charger looks like an orb. The orb has one flat side that makes it possible for the charger to stay in place on a desk or other flat surface. The design also allows users to prop a phone onto the dock section of the charger, and view phone details while the phone is charging. Now, we’ll move onto how this charger works.

The Nexus 4 charger contains one micro USB port. To use the charger, simply plug the charger into an outlet, and place your phone on the orb. The charger has a sticky flat surface that immediately clings to any Android phone you want to charge. As soon as your phone has been stuck to the charger’s surface, your device will begin to charge. Using the Nexus 4 charger is simple, simple, simple, and that’s the way that a charger should be. But, I’m still not entirely convinced that this charger should be so expensive.

Is the Nexus 4 Charger Worth the Price?

So, $60 for a wireless charger that has to be plugged into a wall seems steep. Sure, this charger is simple to use. But, it also simply eliminates the need to plug your phone into the wall. Instead of plugging your phone, you have to plug the charger. Why bother? Some people will enjoy the fact that the phone can be used and seen from an easy to view flat surface. Others might not see the point at all. I may be able to justify $30 - $40 for this charger, but a whopping $60? For my money, this charger is overpriced.

If you disagree with me, feel free to purchase the Nexus 4 charger from the Google Play store. The charger comes with an AC adaptor, Micro-USB cable, and the actual charging device. You will have to furnish the phone. As far as how this charger compares to other wireless options, you’ll find that most of the wireless charging devices on the market are largely comparable and interestingly similar. My advice is this: decide whether or not you need a wireless charger, keep in mind that these chargers still have to be plugged into a power source, and compare costs.