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  • The NFL Turns to Reality – Of The Augmented Kind
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Philadelphia Eagles fans who hold season tickets will find that this year’s tickets come with far more than just access to all the best games. The Eagles have turned to technology to reward fans who buy season tickets – with an augmented reality app. When held over a game ticket, this app will reward ticket holders with a new video for each game. This video will contain player stats, interviews, and other important details.

Instead of getting a t-shirt or some other trinket when purchasing season passes, ticket holders will be rewarded with exclusive insider information per game. Video content won’t be unveiled until the game actually begins, but this new marketing tactic is more than enough to get people to Eagles’ games.

Using technology to reward season ticket holders is a new idea within the NFL. But, it’s also an idea that makes a great deal of sense. After all, most ticket holders bring phones with them to games, and the simplicity of flashing a phone over a ticket is just plain fun. Other companies have cashed in on augmented reality apps (Starbucks, for example), and it sure looks like the Eagles are about to please tech-savvy fans (and boost sales) as well.

The NFL Knows How to Market

The Eagles might be the first team to provide season ticket holders with an augmented reality app, but they aren’t the first team to turn to technology for a bit of spirit boosting. Giants’ fans got to take part in Super Bowl fever last year when the Giants won the Super Bowl. Fans who took the time to check out the Giants app were given virtual Super Bowl rings. This might seem a bit gimmicky to someone who isn’t a huge football fan, but to those die hard Giants fans, getting a Super Bowl ring when their team won (even if it was just a virtual one!) meant that they were part of the winning spirit and action, a priceless notion.

While most people don’t think of professional sports organizations as being companies in the true sense of the word, this is far from the truth. Not only is the NFL one of the biggest franchises out there, but the WWE is another company worth watching. These two massive sports conglomerates rake in a lot of money and are often trendsetters within the sports world (in addition to soccer teams that also know how to work a crowd using technology).

Season Ticket Holders Get Your App Now!\t

The Philadelphia Eagles app is now ready to go. If you have season ticket passes and you want to watch your tickets come to life, make sure to download the Eagles app right now. The app is free, and it is available on iOS and Android. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to access the augmented reality portion of this app unless you hold those season tickets, and new videos won’t appear until you have the ticket for each game. If you hold Eagles tickets, will you be using the new augmented reality app? Let me know what you think of this tactic below.