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  • Google/Nike Maps: For Serious Geeks Only
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What do you offer the slightly-athletic geek that has everything? How about a chance to run on a Google Maps path that is shaped like a family crest. Who's family crest? Why, the many family crests from the popular show 'Game of Thrones,' of course! No; I'm not kidding. Nike has teamed up with Google Maps to chart out running paths in NYC that are shaped like the family crests from Game of Thrones.

The New Maps

To check out the new maps, you will first have to log into the Nike+ Running App. From there, you can pick a family crest from your favorite Game of Thrones family, and tell the app to map it out (the routes were previously and manually mapped in Google Maps). In a few minutes, you will have your new running route. The routes can be a little tough to follow, but they do provide a good way to mix things up if you are tired of your same old run.

What's the point? After your run, you can share your map/crest on Facebook or another way, and show the world which house you support. Alright, this is right up there with play fighting with wooden swords in the park, but it's also a lot of fun. Why not change your route a bit by mapping out something unique? Not familiar with the Nike app? Here's what you need to know about the app before you run.

The Nike+ Running App

Basically, the Nike+ Running app tracks your runs, and all you have to do is carrying the app with you (well, carry your phone with you, which you should do anyway). The App is free to download from Apple and Android, so there's no cost involved either. The Nike+ app is popular with thousands of runners all over the globe, and it's easily one of the most recognized fitness apps available.

It should also be noted that the Nike+ app will track walking and hiking too. So, you don't actually have to hit the pavement full force in order to track your movements. All you need is a pair of shoes and phone, and you can create crest-shaped running routes too. The Nike+ app also works via GPS, which can be a great added bit of security if you happen to run in remote areas.

Gimmicky, But Useful

The new Game of Thrones running routes are definitely gimmicky. Heck, everyone is trying to cash in on the show's popularity, so why not Nike too? Even so, running a different route is bound to make things more interesting in the long run (no pun intended).

Would you run a Game of Thrones family crest? Do you think that this is simply stupid? I'd love to hear what you think, so comment below - or just use the app to your heart's content.

With these new running routes, you don't even have to pick sides. You can run various family crests, and nobody will know (unless you post it!).