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  • Nintendo 3DS: More Affordable Than Ever
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When it first debuted, the Nintendo 3DS was a popular toy. The compact gaming system was fun to play, easily portable, and filled with great games. Today, Nintendo has reported a $328 million dollar loss in the last quarter. This has forced the company to lower 3DS pricing from $249 to $169 with the hope that this price drop will help the consoles to sell once more.

Nintendo has stated that a number of things are responsible for the large loss. In addition to a stronger Yen, there are fewer 3DS games being developed. This has the company worried, since the impending holiday season is approaching. Nintendo hopes that sales will pick up before the holiday season arrives.

Other Reasons 3DS Consoles Aren’t Selling

The 3DS was once the only console of its type. Then, along came the iPad. Following the iPad came a number of different tablets. While not direct competition with gaming consoles, tablets can do a lot of things that the 3DS can do. In fact, most tablets can do more than the 3DS can do. Add this to a number of smartphones that come with games like Angry Birds, and you have a once powerful gaming empire that is about to crash.

Another reason why Nintendo 3DS sales are slipping may have to do with time. People have been waiting for the launch of the new Wii system for awhile now. Nintendo says that the system will debut in 2012, but that’s a long way away. Many people have largely forgotten about the new gaming system, and, frankly, the 3DS seems a bit outdated now.

Keeping the Nintendo Name Alive

Nintendo may have to accept the 3DS losses for the time being. But, the company can do something about gaining new consumer interest. The way to do this is to take marketing cues from Apple. What does Apple have to do with Nintendo? Apple knows how to market devices that haven’t hit the market yet, and this prevents consumers from losing interest.

Take, for example, the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is really just a rumor right now. But, it’s a rumor that’s been circulating for many months. Every day, people write blog entries about what the iPhone might look like, what features it may include, and when it will be available. Apple hardly ever contributes to these rumors, but the rumors fly all the same.

What Apple has done is create a buzz around the iPhone 5 that can’t be ignored. The upcoming Wii console has the capacity to create the same kind of buzz, but this new gaming system is far from consumer minds at the moment. Were Nintendo to take cues from Apple, sales of all Nintendo products may increase (just as iPhone 4 sales have) simply based upon anticipation.

3DS Availability

If you have been waiting to purchase a 3DS, but thought the $200+ price tag was too high, you can now purchase your own 3DS for a much lower price. Most electronics stores now have the inexpensive 3DS systems available. As of the time of this writing, the newly priced 3DS systems were still not flying off of store shelves.

You can also order your 3DS online through electronics retailers or larger stores like Amazon.