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  • Nintendo Brings Back Star Fox and Zelda for Wii U
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Old school Nintendo fans pretty much agree on one thing: The Legend of Zelda was one of the best games the company every produced. When Nintendo came out with the Wii U console, this game was nowhere to be found.

Console sales dropped, and Nintendo’s forecast wasn’t looking so good for a really long time. That all might change now, though.

Nintendo has just announced that a new Legend of Zelda game will arrive for the Wii U in 2015. At the E3 conference, Nintendo showed attendees what the game will look like. So far, the reviews have been nothing but positive. If you are a Zelda fan, here’s what you can expect to arrive in 2015.

The New Zelda

Nintendo plans on creating an open-world for the game this time. This is in stark contrast to Wind Waker, which was set on a series of islands that had to be re-loaded regularly. As for your favorite character, Link, well, he’s grown up a bit. This game isn’t the cartoonish game that Wind Waker was. Images are less cartoon-like and more grown-up, and Link looks like he might be a teenager or a pre-teen.

Graphics are stronger, the story line is better, and Nintendo has recruited beloved Shigeru Miyamato to work on this title and others in the legacy series. All of this adds up to a new Zelda game that’s sure to impress fans, and it might be just what Nintendo needed to save the company from sure ruin. Wii U games have been less than impressive thus far, and hopefully the new Zelda game can turn things around – all of that remains to be seen.

Focusing on Legacies

The Legend of Zelda isn’t the only game that Nintendo is paying more attention to now. Shigeru Miyamato is also working on a new version of Star Fox. The new Star Fox will give players an alternate view when looking at the game pad (you’ll see the view of the cockpit, and not the view that’s happening on-screen). It’s about time that Nintendo make use of the Wii U game pad too. Past games for the console really didn’t have much to do with the much-hyped game pad. It seems like Nintendo is finally paying attention to the pad, and you’ll see that come to fruition with the new Star Fox.

While Nintendo is focusing more on legacy games and grown-ups this time around, the company did also introduce two games that were more of the cartoon sort. Those games, Giant Robot and Project Guard, seemed to be aimed more at a younger crowd. Finally, Nintendo’s latest gaming console is getting some better games, but is it too late?

Have legacy lovers moved onto newer and better consoles? In this reviewer’s opinion, Nintendo can still turn things around. After all, no other game is going to beat the memory of the original Zelda, and a revamp of this game means capturing a whole lot of nostalgia.

Look for Zelda and other games in 2015.