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  • The Nintendo Wii U: Coming Soon?
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Nintendo Wii U was featured at the 2011 E3 Summit as Nintendo's latest console. The console was originally announced in April of 2011, and not a whole lot of details have been released since that time. Nintendo withheld pricing and other details at E3, but gave us enough information to get excited for the Wii U's release sometime next year. As the name suggests, it follows in the footsteps of Nintendo's revolutionary Wii console.

Touch-Screen Controller

The biggest game changer of the Wii U console, is the unique, touch-screen controller. The controller is a bit larger than expected, as the general trend of technology is to make things smaller and sleeker. This controller is a bit larger than the typical portable gaming console, such as the DS. It features a 6.2-inch touch-screen in the center, surrounded by most of the common controls you would expect. It has a the left and right buttons and the top of the controller, and at the bottom of the screen, are the traditional buttons on the DS, including the home button. To the left and right of the screen, are directional pads and buttons for the most versatile game play. The new controller also includes a rumble feature, two speakers, a microphone and a front-facing camera.


Nintendo has always stood apart from its competitors in its ability to appeal to just about everyone. Many of the modern games and consoles have a specific market towards hard core gamers, many of whom have been playing for years, developing complex skills and knowledge. The games available with the Wii U and other Nintendo systems are much more simple and approachable than the average Playstation or Xbox games. Nintendo truly aims to offer something for everyone, including new gamers and seasoned hard core gamers alike.

The design of the new controller allows users to play without having to use a television. Many games will be available to play anytime, anywhere, as the new controller can be used as a portable console. For customers who hate the new controller, or just need some time to get used to it, the Wii U can also be used without the new controller. The new console is compatible with all previously released games and hardware.

Game Play

Instead of focusing on making the controller smaller and thinner, the developers at Nintendo aimed at creating a controller that would allow new, bold ways of playing games. By using two different screens, Nintendo allows users to experience a whole new perspective in game-play. For example, in a golf game, the user sets the controller on the ground, and an image of the ball appears on the smaller screen, with the television screen displaying the landscape of the game.

When the user swings, the ball jumps from the smaller display screen and sores onto the larger screen, for a more realistic golf experience. The same goes for battle and other type games. Often, the touch-screen is implemented to control the characters or weapons, while the television screen displays a completely different image.