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  • This iPhone Case Repairs Itself
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Altima, Murano, Pathfinder – iPhone case? That’s right, the automobile manufacturer Nissan has created a unique iPhone case that’s bound to grab a lot of attention. The Scratch Shield iPhone case is the first iPhone case to “heal” itself. Nissan claims that once this case gets scratched, that scratch will buff itself out quickly. Combining the company’s knowledge of cars with today’s demand for smartphone accessories has proven to be a winning combination for Nissan.

Nissan execs told press that the new iPhone case takes advantage of the same technology that’s used in Nissan auto paint. The paint that Nissan has been using for years now includes particles of ABS plastic. This plastic has the ability to repair itself every time a car or truck is scratched. Now that Nissan has teamed up with iPhone case design companies, there’s no need to replace a scratched iPhone case.

How This Case Repairs Itself

Nissan explained to press that the new iPhone cases are made from a substance called polyrotaxane. When scratched, the particles within this substance change to cover up any blemishes. In short, if your Nissan iPhone case receives a scratch, that scratch will be gone in a matter of minutes. As futuristic as this technology may sound, it’s actually a substance that Nissan has been using for many years now.

The new Nissan cases won’t repair themselves if a scratch is very wide or deep, but small scratches are no match for polyrotaxane. For many reasons, an iPhone case that can repair itself is a case that many iPhone users will want to own. Further, Apple may want to consider the technology that Nissan is currently using. After all, an iPhone that never gets scratched would be something that consumers are willing to pay extra for.

The Design

Nissan’s new iPhone case falls short when it comes to design. Although the idea behind this case is a great one, the large white Nissan block letters that cover the back of the case are an eye-sore. Nissan would do better to place a discreet logo in a corner of the case. Based on the design alone, some consumers will not purchase these cases regardless of the self-healing technology.

Right now, Nissan is not selling these new iPhone cases. The company has handed out some cases to testers and to clients, but there’s no talk of retail sales yet. Seemingly, Nissan is waiting to collaborate with smartphone companies prior to putting this case on the market. Still, the idea of a case that can heal itself is a great one.

The New Nissan

Will Nissan move into the mobile market? It certainly seems like every company is attempting to snag a piece of the mobile pie lately. From mobile ad space to the creation of apps, mobile is certainly the wave of the future. The creation of an iPhone case is an interesting move for Nissan. If the idea of a self-healing iPhone case appeals to you, keep your eye on this car company – the news of Nissan’s iPhone case technology isn’t likely to stay under wraps for long.