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  • Facebook No Longer Wants Your Vote
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Did you know that you had the right to vote on new Facebook policies? Notice the word “had?” That’s because Facebook has now taken this right away from the social media community. Facebook has just announced that users will no longer have a say in what happens on the Facebook home front. Users can post their opinions about a new Facebook change, but an actual vote will not be possible.

Facebook told press that these changes are being made for the better good of Facebook users. Seemingly, the Facebook voting machine simply counted votes without actually understanding the reason behind votes – a quality versus quantity kind of thing. Now, Facebook higher-ups will read users comments, consider those comments, and then make an administrative decision based on those comments (or so Facebook’s latest press release states). Why the sudden change of heart?

Facebook Voter Turnout: Sadly Low

Facebook tried the whole democracy thing. In the past, the social network asked users to vote on major Facebook changes. But, users didn’t really vote. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 in every 2000 (or so) users actually voted on the last Facebook change. That’s right, Facebook users, the snatching of Facebook democracy is your fault. But, really, Facebook execs claim that the new policy will work more in your favor.

If you don’t like something that Facebook is about to do, rally up your friends and leave a string of negative comments on Facebook’s homepage. Supposedly, Facebook execs will then read through all of these comments and choose the best user-supported option.

If user comments are anything like voter turnout, there won’t be a ton of comments to actually read. Then again, the minute Facebook users find out that they no longer have a vote, you can bet that many people (mostly those who have never voted) will be outraged. Poor Facebook, the site just can’t win. Will your comments really matter?

It’s All About the Shareholders

Whether or not Facebook will pay attention to your comments is up for debate. The truth of the matter is that Facebook’s policies are directly in line with its shareholders policies. If you happen to own Facebook stock (lots of it), your opinion might count. If not, well, cross your fingers and hope that someone like Zuckerberg likes what you have to say.

How much does all of this really matter anyway? It all depends on how you look at it. Some of Facebook’s changes might not impact you at all. Others may directly impact you. Usually, when you least expect it is when companies tend to put things like privacy policies up for vote. So, my advice is this: if you want a real say in what Facebook does, make sure to read about the current topics up for board discussion.

You don’t have to comment on every topic, but you might want to comment on those topics that directly impact your Facebook enjoyment. Facebook has sent out emails to all users today covering the new non-voting system. Check your inbox for details or visit Facebook’s main site.