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  • No iTunes for Windows 8 Says Windows CFO
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CNN Money has just printed an interview with Tami Reller, Windows CFO, that's entirely intriguing. In the interview, the CNN reporter asks Reller about the possibility of an iTunes app for Windows 8. Reller clearly states that Microsoft has reached out to Apple to no avail. She also states that an iPhone app won't happen anytime soon.

Apple, it seems, isn't jumping on the Windows 8 app bandwagon - even though Reller has stated that users can expect most apps that are found in the App Store to appear on Windows 8 by the holiday season. So far, Microsoft has managed to snag Twitter and other popular apps. So, why is Apple refusing to play ball?

It's All About Competition

Apple has made plenty of software produces for PC; but things are different when it comes to the tablet market. Apple's Macs are still part of an eclectic group. As much as PC commercials pit Mac against PC, the two aren't really in the same competitive market. So Apple doesn't see any real threat in lost business to PC users. That's why you'll find iTunes for Windows Desktop Mode.

Apple still corners the tablet market too, and this is largely in part due to iTunes. From Apple's perspective, it doesn't make any real sense to help Windows Surface reach more consumers by offering up an iTunes app. Sure, Surface users want iTunes, but Apple's stance is: you'll have to buy an iPad to get it. You might not need iTunes, though, unless you are stuck on it.

Window's App Store is Building Quickly

Impressively, the Window's App Store has more than 60,000 apps already included. That's a pretty impressive number, and these apps aren't the kind that nobody wants either. As mentioned, the Window's App Store already includes Twitter, and ESPN has been recently added.

In the aforementioned CNN Money article, Reller said that obtaining most of the apps in the iTunes App Store will happen by Christmas, and that's "...not just our goal, but it'll be realistic to achieve that...we're almost there." You have to hand it to Reller - this CFO is honest with the general public. She has stated that iTunes probably won't happen, but the company is on pace to add a lot of new apps to the Window's App Store.

iTunes Is Most Popular Request

It's still hard to beat iTunes, though. Apple's app is the one app that's most requested by Windows users. This might be mostly because most people don't know what else to use in order to purchase music. It's not so simple as it once was when picking up a new album meant choosing from an array of record stores. Now, there's iTunes...and everything else.

Is Apple afraid of a little Surface competition? It looks that way. The Surface has gained a lot of consumer attention, and giving iTunes to Windows would just add fuel to that fire - a fire that might burn up all of Apple's pricey iPad profits.