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  • No Root Screenshot for Android
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Sometimes taking a screenshot is important. This is especially true when you want to share a program, need help with something on your screen, or you are trying to convey what your screen currently looks like to someone else.

Now, it is possible to take a screenshot of your Android phone with the No Root Screenshot app. This app, as the name implies, does not require you to root your device before you snap a screenshot. You do, however, have to connect your device to some kind of desktop utility before you can use the app (a quick setup step).

If you’ve ever wanted to share a text or show someone the cool new app that you have purchased, No Root Screenshot can be a lot of fun. As with many interesting Android apps, No Root Screenshot isn’t free to use (the app will set you back $4.99), though you can download this app from the Android Marketplace right now. The setup process is a bit long, but No Root Screenshot takes you through this process quickly, so the whole thing is very user-friendly.

Connecting the App

No Root Screenshot works with both Mac and Windows, so don’t worry if you don’t have one of the other. Once the app has been downloaded, all you really have to do is follow the instructions to set up the app. You do have to connect the app to a desktop device prior to using the app. Once connected, the app is ready to roll, and you can take screenshots of your Android phone to your heart’s content – there’s just one drawback.

Every time you restart your phone, you will have to reconnect the app to your system. Again, setting this app up is easy, but it is a pain to reconnect every time you shut your phone off. If this doesn’t bother you, No Root Screenshot is a great app that’s really very easy to use. If you find yourself needing to take screenshots a lot, this app is even more useful.


Not only does No Root Screenshot take a snapshot of your screen, but it comes with some fun features as well. You can resize and crop a shot of your screen, shake your phone to take a snapshot, and set up timers. All of these features are as simple to install as the app itself, so you’ll find that you adapt to this app in no time. In fact, No Root Screenshot is a lot like other apps of its kind (they are out there), but, again, you don’t have to root this app to use it.

Is this a necessary app to own? Maybe not. Then again, it depends on how often you find yourself wishing that you could share a screenshot with someone you know. There’s no doubt that taking a screenshot does come in handy occasionally, and this is where No Root Screenshot excels. Keep in mind that this app does cost $4.99 to purchase, which is a bit higher than most Android apps. However, No Root Screenshot is just the app for you if you want to take screenshots without rooting.