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  • Nokia’s Maps for iOS: A Good Google Replacement For the Time Being
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > Android > Nokia’s Maps for iOS: A Good Google Replacement For the Time Being

The iOS world was in tears when Google Maps went away. Since then, other mapping apps have tried to take Google’s place. Nokia is the latest company to develop a solid map app for iPhone. Released today, Nokia’s “Here Maps” for iOS isn’t a bad replacement for Google at all. If you’ve been pining for Google Maps and can’t find a good stand-in, here’s what Nokia’s Here Maps has to offer.

Public Transport View Is Back!

One of the biggest disappointments with Apple’s Map app is the lack of public transport views and options. Nokia has picked up this slack by creating a public transport view. When you choose to view Nokia’s maps in Transport View, you will see all nearby metro and bus stops are listed. You can also set you’re here Maps to display distances in kilometers or miles, depending on your preference. Nokia’s Here Maps doesn’t list bus stop times or schedules like Google’s Maps does, but it’s definitely a start.

You can also view Nokia’s Here Maps in Traffic mode. If you want to avoid traffic, just look for your destination while in Traffic mode, and you will see whether or not you should take a different route. When tested, Traffic mode didn’t display traffic on smaller roads, but larger roads were clearly listed. Here is fairly good at listing different points of interest when you plug in driving or walking directions too.

Points of Interest

Nokia’s Here Maps will list shopping, food, and other destinations along a specific route. So, say you need to get to grandma’s house, and you want to see if there are any muffin shops along the way. Just type in grandma’s address, and view the points of interested that are available along your route. This feature is immensely helpful if you are looking for somewhere to stop to eat during a commute or just want to find out whether or not there’s anything worth stopping at on the way.

Nokia has also added some audio direction for those who want to find a destination on foot. Turn-by-turn navigation is helpful when exploring a new neighborhood, and Nokia does a good job of providing these types of directions accurately and simply. Navigating the whole Here Maps app is easy too. Once downloaded, it’s simply a matter of following directions. Nokia’s Here Maps has been positive reviewed across the board, and it’s simple to see why. Even though Google Maps remains on the top of the map app heap, it’s evident that Nokia has put some time and energy into its Here Maps.

If you’re an iOS user and you can’t find a decent map app out there, give Nokia’s Here Maps a try. Here Maps is currently available in the Apple Store. Oh, this mapping app also works in Canada, which is really a great thing, since so many other map apps don’t. Until Google Maps comes out with its iOS version (soon), Nokia’s Here Maps is a really good option.