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  • Nokia Releases Two Cheap Phones
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In a world filled with expensive smartphones, Nokia has just taken a brave first step. The company has released two phones that are basic and inexpensive. These are not smartphones, but they do serve the basic purpose of allowing consumers to make phone calls. You can also listen to the radio using these phones. Why would Nokia create two phones that are so very affordable?

Simply put, many consumers cannot, or don’t want to, afford a $300 smartphone. Even with a two or three-year contact, some smartphones are just too expensive. Nokia is hoping to tap into this market with the Nokia 101 ($35) and Nokia 100 ($30). Two very affordable phones that don’t include any amazing features, but work well all the same. In short, both of these phones offer consumers something other than the average smartphone to think about.

The Nokia 101 Features

The Nokia 101 has a MP3 player and is considered a dual-SIM phone, which means that phone owners can connect to two different networks in order to send out and receive calls and messages. Sure, this phone is basic, but it might be the perfect phone for someone who is looking for a, well, phone as opposed to a mini-computer. You won’t find any apps or app stores, but sometimes it’s good to have a phone simply to make phone calls.

The Nokia 100 Features

There’s not much to say about this phone except that it is a phone, it can be dialed, and you can call people using the Nokia 100. You can also listen to music via a FM radio function. Other than these two basic options, the Nokia 100 doesn’t include a lot of extras. So, why would anyone want a phone like this one? Think about those people in your life who may need to make a call now and then, but don’t necessarily care about features, apps, or the Internet.

Is Nokia Targeting the Elderly?

Neither one of the new Nokia phones has large buttons nor panic buttons. But, these phones are both very easy to use. Nokia may not be targeting the elderly with these new offers, but the company is certainly targeting people who don’t have time for games or apps. The company is also targeting consumers who don’t want to pay a large monthly phone bill. After all, smartphone bills can easily become a heavy monthly expense.

When Nokia announced these two new phones, tech blogs across the country seemed surprised. Given the overabundance of Android and Apple news, two simple and basic phones from Nokia seem to be the last things that anyone expected. The two Nokia phones will be available in blue, red, pink, or black. Nokia is expected to line stores shelves with both phones in time for the holiday season. If you happen to know someone who’s in the market for a basic phone that’s not necessarily “smart,” the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 promise to be two very good simple and basic phone options.