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  • Norton 360 VS. Kaspersky Internet Security
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When searching for an all-around system protector, you’re bound to come across two names: Norton and Kaspersky. Both companies have been around for many years. Yet, Norton mainly focused on the consumer market while Kaspersky secretly worked behind the scenes within the business world. While both manufacturers offer excellent anti-virus protection, there are some important differences that will help you choose between the two virus giants.

Norton’s Strengths

Since Norton 360 was primarily developed for individual consumer use, this program has a user-friendly interface that’s hard to compete with. Little direction is needed when working with Norton, and this program is off and running upon first download. Another great Norton feature is that you can leave this program running without much interaction.

Norton will ask you to verify information and arrange scans occasionally, but these requests are few and far between. Norton 360 also comes with a handy backup option that allows you to backup every file you deem important. All of these features combined are the very features that have made Norton immensely popular throughout the years.

Kaspersky’s Strengths

Kaspersky hits the ground running by giving users a multi-computer protection option. When you purchase Kaspersky Internet Security, you can install this program on three different systems. This feature alone may make Kaspersky the better buy, since you won’t have to purchase additional Kaspersky program in order to protect a small home network.

Kaspersky also has a user-friendly interface. Once used to this product, you can schedule scans simply and easily. When it comes to virus protection Kaspersky is easily ahead of Norton thanks to an ever-evolving technology solution. Kaspersky Internet Security (2011 edition) has the ability to constantly review system scans, so that new viruses can be detected. Kaspersky also protects against virus spread via instant messenger programs.

Two Sides to the Norton and Kaspersky Coins

While both programs are strong, Norton tends to cause a good amount of system slowdown. When Norton is running, it’s tough to work on anything else quickly or efficiently. Some users will also become annoyed at Norton’s constant pop-ups. Norton aims to protect systems, though constant nagging from this program may become annoying.

Kaspersky has one big drawback that some users may not be able to get over. Since Kaspersky has just drifted into the consumer market, its interface could use some work. As mentioned, this program is simple enough to use once mastered, but figuring out how to configure Kaspersky Internet Security may take a couple of tries.

The Winner Is…

If you run a small home network, you’ll want to look into Kaspersky Internet Security. You can protect three systems at the same time, stay ahead of viruses, and learn to use Kaspersky’s quirky interface. If you’re looking to protect one system (and you don’t mind a bit of slowdown), Norton 360 is worth a look.