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  • NotifyMe: A Fun Way to Remember
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Scheduling events and appointments is just part of living in today’s world. More and more, people are creating events well in advance. If you want to attend an even that’s happening three months from now, for example, you’ll have to add that even to a calendar and the same goes for those future appointments. While there are lots of ways to schedule event reminders, NotifyMe makes remembering what you have to do fun.

This program includes multimedia notifications that are a lot more engaging and entertaining than a simple calendar alert. This program is easy to use too, which is a good thing because setting up an event date should be simple! So, if you’re tired of boring alarms and reminders, NotifyMe might be the program that you’ve been looking for. Here’s the scoop:

NotifyMe Installs Perfectly

Some programs come with a ton of installation issues. Unwanted icons, menu bar details, and even hidden programs inside of a program are all possibilities when you download something for free. NotifyMe has been tested and it is completely free and clear of all probable problems. You can download this program without worrying about anything at all, and that’s always good to know.

As far as uninstalling NotifyMe, there are no problems with removing this program either. Again, when tested, NotifyMe uninstalled without issue. While basic, the fact that this program installs and uninstalls without a problem is important. Next up: NotifyMe’s interface.

Some Minor Problems, But…

Overall, NotifyMe has a great interface. The only complain I have is that the publisher promises that this program can be used with an audio player, but the way to set this up escapes me. The Help file is useful, but it doesn’t contain this information, so you may or may not be able to use NotifyMe with your audio player. Otherwise, NotifyMe has a great interface that’s very easy to use and to become familiar with.

Entering calendar information is just as simple as it is with your existing smartphone or with an Outlook calendar. Once information has been entered, a number of customization and preference details can be chosen. You can choose to have NotifyMe simply alert you when an appointment is near or you can ask the program to count down to a specific time or date. Various other options (like music and scenery changes) also exist. These preferences make a lot of sense if you want to calm yourself down before an especially trying appointment or pump yourself up before a big speech (just choose calming or energetic music).

Who Can Use NotifyMe

This program is ideal for anyone who has a complex social life and needs reminding, but doesn’t want to go the same old boring reminder route. If you’re tired of simple calendars and basic Outlook type programs, NotifyMe is an excellent option. While this program isn’t like all the other calendar program out there, it is an innovative and helpful way to accomplish all of the things you have to do in one day. This program is entirely free and works with Windows OS.