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  • Stellar Graphics From Nvidia Wrapped In A Package
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There’s a graphics card war going on. Nvidia has been battling AMD for the graphics card title. That title comes with a low retail price and graphics that stun. AMD recently marked its Radeon HD 7870 at $299. Nvidia has retaliated by marking down its GTX 660 Ti to $299. This Nvidia card has a lot in common with the company’s GeForce GTX 670 ($399), but there are some slight differences as well. Are you in the market for a new graphics card? You may not want to miss out on the new mark down price that Nvidia is offering.

GTX 660 Ti Details

The 660 Ti has a clock speed of 915 MHz. This card also has a HDMI port, a DisplayPort 1.2 jack, and 192-bit GDDR5 RAM. If you’re wondering how the GTX 660 differs from the GTX 670, the answer is two-fold. First, the 670 has 256-bit RAM, and 170 W TDP (the Ti comes in at 150W TDP). So, really, the differences here are somewhat miniscule. The price difference, however, is rather significant. Connectivity-wise, exact connections available will fluctuate. But, it can be assumed that all of these cards will be shipped with six-pin connectors.

Nvidia really wants you to buy this card. So, the company is currently – this is a limited time offer – pairing up any purchase of a $299 660 Ti with a copy of Borderlands 2. In case you’re not familiar with this game, Borderlands 2 comes with a villain named Handsome Jack, is packed with action, and is just the game to show you what the Nvidia GTX 660 can do. Remember, this is a limited time offer, so grab the goods while you can.

Way Better Than the GTX 570

The news surrounding Nvidia’s GTX 660 has reached all corners of the world. But those who have recently purchased a GTX 570 might be feeling the burn slightly today. The 570 is definitely sub-par compared to the 660. If you did manage to wait it out, you can purchase the GTX 660 right now from the Nvidia website or through participating partners. This card should be available in most countries outside of the United States too. So, really, there’s no reason not to upgrade if you can swing it. I’m betting that Nvidia won’t keep the low price tag on this card for long. Surely AMD is going to try and compete with what Nvidia is offering (after all, you don’t get a free game with the purchase a an AMD Radeon HD!), so you may want to keep your eyes open for some AMD announcements soon too.

A number of tech blogs have tested the speeds of both the Radeon HD and the GTX 660 with Nvidia’s offering coming out on top. Across the board, the 660 seems to be a faster and better card than what AMD is offering. But, these speeds are somewhat on the slight side. Then again, at the $299 price, it’s hard to not choose the card that’s just a bit faster than the other one, even if that “bit” is minute.