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  • Nvidia Shield Available for Pre-Order
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Did you add your name to Nvidia's Shield email list awhile ago? If you did, the device is now available for pre-order - exciting, isn't? That's big news. Why? In case you aren't familiar with what Nvidia is putting out, Shield is a touchscreen and controller hybrid device that's been developed specially for gamers. This device integrates with Android Play, PCs that are equipped with Nvidia graphics, and Google for an amazing gaming experience.

The hybrid controller and screen also integrates with Nvidia's TegraZone store. So, it's really a controller for all gamers. Shield was announced months ago at the CES conference, and it's just now coming to light. Here are some more details about Shield.

Inside the Shield Device

Shield runs on Android's Jelly Bean, and it's equipped with Nvidia's own Tegra 4 mobile processor. Shield also comes with a 5-inch 720p display touchscreen, two analog sticks, triggers, bumpers, a d-pad, and the right buttons in all the right places (a, b, x, and y). Shield is meant to be an amazing controller/screen hybrid. How can you stream Shield from your PC?

For months, Nvidia has been touting Steam. Steam allows gamers to stream directly from a PC, so streaming will become much simpler. You do have to have a compatible Nvidia graphics card, so keep that in mind. Where will Shield be available and how much does it cost?

The Dirty Details

If you live in the United States or Canada, you will be able to pick up Shield in June (the exact date hasn't been mentioned) at Micro Center, Canada Computers, Newegg, and Gamestop. Of course, if you managed to wind up on the early email list (lucky duck), you can pre-order the Shield device today.

To do so, simply click on the link inside of the email that Nvidia sent to you (you'll want to check your Spam and Trash if you don't have this now). As soon as the device is ready to ship, it will be sent to your doorstep. What about the rest of us? And how much does Shield cost?

Pricing and Other Nitty Gritty Details

If you didn't manage to put your name on that email list, you will have to wait until Shield shows up in one of those stores listed above. If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, you may have to wait longer to get Shield. As far as pricing goes, Nvidia will sell Shield for $349. This price might seem high, but you have to remember a few things.

First, Shield comes with a controller and touchscreen. Second, it comes from Nvidia (one of the best graphics and gaming companies out there). Third, you can stream from your PC -- and that's a really great feature. If you're not a serious gamer, is this for you? Why not? Shield combines Nvidia engineering with a touchscreen and controller that are both sure to rock. What's new in the gaming world? It's all about Shield right now.